Elden Ring x GTA San Andreas, the improbable mod

Elden Ring x GTA San Andreas, the improbable mod

A few months before the official release ofElden ring, a mod allows users of the demo to play as CJ from GTA San Andreas. A demo which was also supposed to be limited in time, before hackers offered him eternal life.

Last month, from November 12 to 15, 2021, a demo ofElden ring was made available through closed testing. You can imagine that the elected officials did not hesitate to devour this aperitif. The taste also seemed so tasty that modders tried to prolong the pleasure.

Credit @ 1dropoff / Twitter.

As mentioned above, the demo version ofElden ring was only meant to be accessible for a limited time. It was without counting the will of certain players who, by relying on a personalized firmware, succeeded in breaking this limit.

Elden Ring: a demo more limited in time, with a curious guest

From the moment when the code of a program can be modified in such a way as to lower its barriers, one can imagine a thousand and one fantasies. And among them, one has become reality: a modder thus imported the main character of GTA San Andreas in the demo ofElden ring.

Manhandled in his recent outsourced remastering, CJ here is making a comeback, failing to be consistent. The avatar is dressed as in the game he came from, adding a bladed weapon and a shield to defend against the dangers of this new world.

Since CJ ultimately remains a new look for the base character ofElden ring, it has the same range of actions and movements. A crossroads of universes more fun than really interesting, and which is in any case not very well received on YouTube. The modder known on Twitter under the pseudonym Dropoff shared a video of his creation which has since been reported on the Google platform. There are still some screenshots and an animated image to continue dreaming of a GTA in medieval times.

Elden ring is slated for release on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Ones / Series, and PC via Steam.

Source: Kotaku

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