Eleglide Coozy review, an electric scooter that has it all

Eleglide is starting to make a name for itself in mobility, its products are available in France and offer a fairly attractive price/quality ratio. Latest example, this electric scooter Eleglide Coozy.

An increasingly popular means of making short trips in town or the famous last mile to go to work, the electric scooter is ultimately a rather atypical device that is not without danger. The Eleglide brand has just released its brand new Eleglide Coozy electric scooter, which offers many options and interesting performances.

Eleglide Coozy: a scooter up to the task

Once received, simply unfold it and attach the handlebar using the screws provided. With a fairly classic design, the Eleglide Coozy imposes itself visually. Its structure combining aluminum and plastic, seems quite solid and above all offers a weight of 18 kg, which makes it easier to carry than some models.

On the handlebars, there is a fairly well integrated and readable central LED screen. On the latter you will find all the information such as speed, speed mode, battery level, etc. Just below this screen there is a button which is used not only to turn the scooter on or off, but also to select certain options (lighting, speed, etc.). The Eleglide Coozy offers three driving modes: Eco (10km/h), Drive (15 km/h) and Sport (25 km/h).

On the right of the handlebar, you have the acceleration trigger as well as an element used to keep the scooter folded. On the left, we find the manual brake, the bell and just below the button for the indicators. Indeed, on each side of the handlebars, there is an orange LED for these! The scooter also has a front and rear headlight. The latter can function as an illuminating light and a brake light.

Regarding the “folding system”, it is quite simple to use with a part at the bottom of the stem that unlocks manually. Then just take it by the handlebar stem to transport it.

The deck with a width of 19 cm and covered with an anti-slip, it is wide enough for you to stand stably and comfortably. Just at the top of the latter, at the base of the handlebars, we find the socket for recharging. On the left side along the deck, there is a small kickstand which is still just as practical.

Its tires are 10 inches (25.4 cm) that you will need to inflate. The Coozy features a dual braking system consisting of E-ABS and a rear disc brake allowing faster and safer braking. In addition, it has a front suspension to reduce the impact of shocks, in order to provide a comfortable ride.

On the engine side, there is a 350 W motor which can reach a maximum power of 540 W and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Its battery is 450 Wh, allowing a maximum distance of 50 to 55 km with a full charge!

Eleglide Coozy: a pleasant ride

Now that you know the Eleglide Coozy well, we’ll tell you what we thought of it after several rides.

As we have already said, this scooter turns out to be quite light, quite similar to that of Xiaomi. However, it takes up more volume and offers better stability thanks to its wider deck, but also its 10-inch tires.

It’s not the NAVEE N65 that’s a real monster, but this Coozy defends itself well on the road with good stability and above all improved driving comfort thanks to its front suspension. We still avoided the paths in too bad condition and the forest, it’s really a city scooter.

With three speed levels up to 25 km/h, the Coozy offers a pleasant and even a little “puchy” ride. Unlike some models, we didn’t find any latency, which allows it to have some responsiveness/response when riding.

A quick word on the rather interesting part of the indicators. Few scooters are equipped with it and yet when it is dark it is practical, but also it provides additional safety. On the other hand, we regret that these only work at the ends of the handlebars, a reminder at the rear would have been even more reassuring.

Autonomy level, it is also quite good! Since this type of machine is not made for long distances, having a range of around 50 km (we did 45 km at 25 km/h) remains a positive point, it avoids charging it every 2 days. The only negative point if we can consider it as such, is the recharge which takes you a good 7 hours if your scooter is completely discharged.

A strange app

All could have been well on this scooter, until the moment of the discovery of its application. Because yes, like its competitors, the Eleglide Coozy has an Android and iOS mobile application called Green Drive. This application seems standard and compatible with many brands and models. No account to create, the app detects your machine via Bluetooth and connects to it quickly.

In addition to being able to find basic information such as speed or mileage, there is the possibility of turning on the lights, engaging the cruise control (honestly, we find that dangerous on a scooter) or choosing the speed mode among the 3 available. But where it’s a little stranger is the possibility of modifying the speed of the scooter up to 50 km/h without any alert, which is prohibited, let’s remember, but also of opting for a mode “zero start” which immediately launches the scooter when you press the accelerator, which is dangerous! The other options, those for the lock or the alarm to find your scooter are quite gadget.

The application is not of much use and therefore we recommend that you use it as little as possible.

Price and availability

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