Trottinette électrique Eleglide S1 Plus

Eleglide S1 Plus electric scooter test: good value for money

The huge market for electric scooters is not about to stop with brands like Eleglide offering ever more efficient models. However, with figures that are sometimes difficult to understand, just remember that the Eleglide S1 Plus has excellent autonomy, very good handling, a nice design, and a wide platform to put the feet side by side without any problem. .

Indeed, there are a few things missing for the Eleglide S1 Plus to be almost perfect, and not the least. However, we will clear things up relatively quickly, these problems do not affect the performance delivered by the scooter. Before you start, however, know that on paper, the Eleglide S1 Plus provides its user:

  • three modes (three speeds): 9 km / h, 18 km / h and 24 km / h
  • a 450 Wh battery
  • a 400 watt motor
  • a brake system with disc brakes at the rear
  • and ten inch tires

These previously mentioned points are the main points to remember, now up to the test. I would like to point out that this is my first time with an electric scooter.

The Eleglide S1 Plus is available at Geekbuying for 324.99 euros with the code NNNJOURES1P! Free shipping from Europe, VAT included.

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A design without real extravagance

By comparing over the years the electric scooters crossed in the street, this Eleglide S1 Plus does not come to revolutionize the market. The latter is relatively sober with a minimum of fantasy like the name of the brand in orange.

The handlebars are equipped with a brake trigger on the left side, and two parts on the right side: the speedometer with the trigger to accelerate and a slot to house a key. Because yes, this Eleglide S1 Plus does not start by turning the handle or simply pressing a button, but rather by turning a key, like cars. An advantage that should not be overlooked, especially since it will completely cut off the battery while avoiding potential theft.

The platform is very wide, allowing to easily wedge our two feet side by side, which is not really the case with some competing scooters without wanting to denigrate them. Beside that, this Eleglide S1 Plus is mounted on two ten inch wheels mounted with inner tubes.

So, yes it can burst, like any tire with inner tubes. And, we will immediately address a point, which for a scooter at this price, is a shame. The air chambers are not fully inflated, and are at the same time poorly fitted.

So before making your first turns of the wheel, be sure to deflate the inner tube, bring the valve inside, remove the nut on the latter, bring out the valve again and put the nut back. Before fully tightening the nut against the rim, inflate the inner tube to 2.5 bar, and tighten the nut again, making sure to replace the cap.

Why all these steps? The nut, which is on the outside, allows the inner tube to avoid turning on itself if the latter is improperly inflated. Repeat these steps for the front wheel of the Eleglide S1 Plus. Be careful with handling the inner tube and the tire, especially if you are using a tire iron, as the disc brake may interfere with these steps.

A defect which, once repaired, will allow the Eleglide S1 Plus to be fully enjoyed.

On the safety side, the electric scooter is equipped with a headlight at the front mudguard. The rear light, which also incorporates the brake light when the brake lever is actuated, is integrated into the mudguard. Note that the Eleglide S1 Plus does not have reflectors. It will be necessary to buy some to be 100% in order and to avoid inconvenience by the police.

Top handling, even in the rain

As we mentioned earlier, the Eleglide scooter has two wheels with inner tubes. This type of tire is often criticized. However, it provides excellent grip in rainy weather, on gravel, and on dirt.

Indeed, the wheels have always adhered perfectly to the road without failing in their tasks. To improve comfort and maneuverability, note that ergonomic cuffs are placed on either side of the handlebars. These make it possible to break the wrist less even if they tend to spin a little on themselves. A shock absorber is present on the front of the Eleglide S1 Plus to absorb shocks that could not be recovered by the wheels.

Promised, she won’t blow you up

Indeed, this Eleglide S1 Plus is equipped with a 450 watt battery which powers a 400 watt motor. What does it change ? All !

Some competing scooters offer much more powerful engines while being equipped with a weaker battery. Such a scooter is good since it will have a lot of response, but cannot be as enduring as our Eleglide. The power ratio between the motor and the battery is not good, which will force you to recharge your electric scooter after 20 kilometers.

This is not the case with our Eleglide S1 Plus since in a single charge (the first), the scooter allowed us to travel 25 kilometers and after the second charge 33 kilometers. As with any device with a battery, the latter will take a little time to adapt, like breaking in a car.

But, be aware that we were surprised by its autonomy, especially since over these fifteen days of testing, it only drove one day (out of the fourteen others) under a wonderful sun. The weather will have a more or less negative impact on autonomy, hence the fact that we consume less in summer than in winter. Moreover, to save the battery when starting, because that’s when it consumes more, it will be necessary to give a little boost (to the ground) to activate the engine. Perfect for extending autonomy!

I then tested its ability to climb hills. As a reminder, I live in Aveyron, the Parisian, Toulouse or Ruthenian roads do not exist! The electric scooter therefore had to prove itself on long climbs with very slight assistance from us. The latter is able to survey these winding roads without any problem. And on the descents, the efficiency of the disc brakes was a huge help.

Where to buy it?

The Eleglide S1 Plus is available at Geekbuying for 324.99 euros with the code NNNJOURES1P! Free shipping from Europe, VAT included.

Buy the Eleglide S1 Plus

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