Elon Musk buys Manchester United? His bad taste joke does not pass

The boss of Tesla offers to buy the football club Manchester United on Twitter, before revealing that it is a joke. It is not to everyone’s taste.

On Twitter, several personalities are known because they know how to talk about them. Since the banishment of Donald Trump from the platform, it is a role that Elon Musk takes on (almost) alone, which causes digital earthquakes with each tweet. After the Twitter takeover case, which still went to court, the billionaire announced that he was in the process of acquiring a football club, and not the least.

He states thus: “I’m also buying Manchester United, don’t thank me“. An announcement that shocked Internet users and football fans around the world. If some took this news at face value, it was not unanimous. Plagued by many worries and currently sits in last place in the Premier League championship. Some club fans therefore saw their interest in this takeover, and implored Elon Musk to get them out of the mess.

A new hope

However, other fans had a much harder time with the news. Seen as an opportunist who buys everything he wants, Elon Musk is not a savior for everyone. But let them be reassured, it was actually just a big joke, which has grown too much. The billionaire indeed declared four hours later that he had no intention of buying Manchester United or any other sports club elsewhere.

Whether truthful or a bluff, some will still have gone so far as to suggest buying shares in the club, expecting a sudden rise in the price of the shares. These few hours will therefore have been enough to make people happy and unhappy. Elon Musk, however, wants to clarify one thing: if there was a club to buy, it would be Manchester United.

The latter has sentimental value for the boss of Tesla, since he admits that it was “of [son] favorite team when [il était] little“. It can therefore be said without difficulty that the situation of the team also affects him as a former fan.

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