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Elon Musk changes his name on Twitter and the crypto world goes wild

Elon Musk decided, without any explanation, to change his name on Twitter. An idea that has given others, Internet users have indeed had fun creating a cryptocurrency from this new name.

Elon Musk just changed his name on Twitter. While the information may seem irrelevant at first glance, it is actually much less superficial than it appears. Indeed, to fully understand the magnitude of such news, we must not forget the predominant role that Elon Musk plays in the cryptocurrency market. A “guru” who guides thousands of people and who can change the market in one direction or the other according to his tweets.

This name change is not trivial and the founder of SpaceX knows very well that by taking the pseudonym of “Lorde Edge” he was going to stir the web. Elon Musk had already done very hard a few days ago, had asked his followers whether or not he should sell 10% of his shares at Tesla (the yes largely won) from there to talk about a crime insider …

But it is therefore with a new tweetname (TN) that the boss of Tesla stood out. A name that seems to have given ideas since a cryptocurrency has just been created in reaction to it. The piece is therefore symbolized by a dog, a Shiba inu more precisely, with green hair smoking a joint. This 2.0 logo incorporates all the codes of Elon Musk and the fans. Even the entrepreneur’s popular depicting him smoking.

A madness that works?

Called Edgelon, in direct reference to Elon Musk’s new name, this virtual currency joins the ultra-saturated cryptocurrency and crypto-assets market of all kinds.

If the idea seems too crazy (or stupid, we’ll let you judge) to have worked, it’s not knowing Musk and his fanbase. Indeed the boss of Tesla has behind him thousands of people who follow him in all his follies so when a new crypto is born with his new tweetname, people jump on it.

The success has been such that the very serious CoinMarketCap which closely monitors the crypto market estimated that transactions around this virtual currency had reached $ 11 million in the first 24 of the virtual currency’s existence.

A crypto to take seriously?

This morning the crypto was trading around $ 0,000,015. If it has nothing to worry about the biggest virtual currencies, its creation and its popularity nevertheless question the power of influence of Elon Musk. The entrepreneur is seen by some as a demigod, these admirers are then capable of almost anything, according to the orders more or less implied by the businessman from Pretoria. The latter is also fully aware of this digital power and does not hesitate to use it when he sees fit.

At the moment, the Edgelon has no use in the cryptocurrency market and its price is extremely volatile. Which makes it one of the most difficult currencies to play. It is very likely, and even logical, that the currency will collapse on itself within a few days, so there is no point in buying thousands and thinking that it is the new bitcoin, it is not. is most definitely not the case.

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