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Elon Musk wants to bring Donald Trump back to Twitter

The new owner of Twitter wants to rehabilitate the former head of state, with the blessing of Jack Dorsey.

Already more than a year since Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook and others. After his defeat in the last presidential elections, the former head of state had repeatedly accused the American democratic system of corruption, to the point of causing violent riots on Capitol Hill in January 2021. Now entrenched on Truth Social, his own online media , Trump has never given up on the idea of ​​​​a return to the blue bird. A project that could materialize faster than expected thanks to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk thinks banning Trump was ‘downright stupid’

It didn’t take more than a few weeks for Elon Musk to give his thoughts on Donald Trump’s ban. While the billionaire has just bought Twitter, and he plans to make freedom of expression his top priority, he took advantage of a live conference organized by the FinancialTimes this Tuesday to decide on the subject: despite the permanent ban of the former president, Musk will indeed allow him to return to Twitter.

“I think it was wrong to ban Donald Trump. I think this was a mistake”

For Elon Musk, banning Trump will not take away his right to speak. On the contrary, the billionaire believes that this censorship will amplify its scope after a public rallied to his cause. A situation “morally wrong and downright stupid”.

Twitter needs to stop being left-wing

According to Elon Musk, Twitter has for too long privileged a vision of the left at the expense of the right. On Tuesday, the businessman reiterated the need to be “much more impartial”. For its part, the social network has not officially commented. For his part, the company’s former CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that he agreed with Musk on no longer banning users, except for illegal behavior or spam. Remember that if he has been accused several times of calls for violence and insurrection, Donald Trump has not been the subject of any legal conviction following the attacks of January 6.

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