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Elon Musk’s stalker demands $50,000 to stop

The businessman had already offered $5,000 to his stalker to delete his Twitter account, but the sum was obviously not enough.

The case is incredible, but ultimately quite consistent with the life of Elon Musk. In 2020, a young 19-year-old American made himself known on social networks, by imagining a robot capable of trace the least movement of the billionaire in his private jet. Thanks to a simple algorithm capable of analyzing certain public aerial data, ElonJet thus allowed the whole world to know in real time, where the boss of Tesla was during the day.

A very intrusive tool, but which – unsurprisingly – unleashed the fans of the eccentric businessman. Followed by nearly 210,000 curious people, ElonJet finally caught the eye of Elon Musk himself. Last year, the billionaire offered his stalker $5,000 to delete his Twitter account, arguing that it was a “safety risk”. A proposal obviously too low for the principal concerned, who had tried to raise the reward to $ 50,000, indicating: “It would be a great support for my university, and it would allow me to buy a car, maybe even a Model 3”.

ElonJet declares war on Elon Musk

After promising to consider this proposal, Elon Musk finally preferred to turn a deaf ear facing his stalker, simply indicating that he was not “more comfortable with paying to stop this”. A situation that was not really to the taste of Jack Sweeney. No doubt upset by this refusal, the young man decided to make public all of his exchanges with the businessman, citing in particular the sum of $50,000 that he had claimed, in vain. “I worked a lot on this project, $5000 is not enough”, thus justified the stalker to Business Insider.

On his side, Elon Musk also took action. Following his first discussion with his stalker, the billionaire used blocking systems to scramble the identifier of his jet, and thus make its geolocation more complex. Just one more challenge, says Jack Sweeney now.

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