Elyze, the “political Tinder” in the sights of the CNIL

By offering its political tinder, the Elyse application finds itself in the crosshairs of the French regulator.

If the programs of presidential candidates still seem vague to you, Elyze stands out as a good way to get up to speed. Operating on the principle of Tinder with swipes to the right and to the left according to their affinities, the application offers to find your political soul mate by matching (or not) with proposals for concrete measures, ranging from the creation of “Farmer ticket”, the dissolution of the ENA, the return to the Franks or the establishment of a universal income for students.

A good idea on paper therefore, since in addition to being rather fun, Elyze also allowed to take a little more interest in the programs of the presidential candidates of 2022. Only here: the application, very popular on the online stores are now arousing the concern of the CNIL. The National Commission for Computing and Liberties thus informed AFP on Monday, January 17, that it was currently studying whether or not Elyze was in compliance with French and European regulations regarding data – sensitive — that they host.

The CNIL is concerned about possible abuses

Even if no account or email address is necessary to start swiping on Elyze, the CNIL today estimates that “in general, this type of application must provide strong guarantees to protect the data of its users”. If she has indicated that she cannot “to decide as it stands on the conformity of this application”, it confirms having been alerted, and reserves the right to “to use its repressive powers” in case of proven breaches of the GDPR. Note that by launching the application for the first time, we are simply asked for our date of birth, our gender and our zip code optionally. The general conditions of the application specify however that “data is kept on the application as well as on the AWS Amazon server”. Information relating to political opinions is, however, anonymised.

Elyze fights back

On the side of the creators of Elyze, it is maintained that the initial project was simply to “combat a galloping abstention which increases election after election”, reports AFP. Note that it is possible from the application to delete all of its collected data, but also to reset their political preferences directly from the menu.

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