employees are fed up with being fired

Many employees have been protesting against Activision-Blizzard’s unfair dismissal practices since the start of the week.

Activision-Blizzard, it’s many successful franchises (Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, etc), but also billions of turnover, many employees… and a lot of problems. For some time now, the company has already been at the heart of numerous controversies and legal investigations on the environment and working conditions within the firm, especially for women who seem to be often victims of harassment or sexual assault.

Last week, Activision-Blizzard made more headlines when we learned of the dismissal of a dozen employees of the test department of Raven Software. If this name is not unknown to you, it’s because it’s the studio at work in Call of Duty Warzone or even Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, among other games in the franchise. These 12 testers correspond to around a third of the employees in this department, who are due to leave their posts on January 28.

While this figure already seems huge, it seems that the process has not yet come to an end. Indeed, Activision talks with each of its testers since December 3, until December 8. So there is still 24 hours left for the studio to decide the fate of the other employees. Those who are not fired will conversely be promoted, and will therefore receive a salary increase as well as an increase in their working time.

What particularly annoys the employees is that Activision-Blizzard had allegedly promised them all an increase in their wages, which obviously had to come at the cost of heavy sacrifices. In addition, the vast majority of them had to move to Wisconsin in order not to lose their jobs during the relocation. It is therefore a real disappointment for them to be fired, especially since there does not seem to be any apparent valid reason.

To great ills, great remedies

However, the employees do not let themselves be defeated and have decided to demonstrate against this wave of dismissals, considered abusive by many. They demand that all employees, even those summoned on Friday, be promoted to the rank of full-time worker. According to a spokesperson, “ terminating the contracts of the most successful testers in a period of constant work and profit endangers the health of the studio “.

Plus, it completely denotes the attitude taken in another very famous studio, Treyarch. At work on all the opus Black Ops, the studio decided to turn all of its part-time contracts into full-time contracts, without firing anyone. Raven Software employees are therefore now asking for the same treatment.

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