encounter of the third kind at Série Mania

After Hero Corp, Simon Astier returns with a series which this time will plunge us into the heart of an alien invasion. We met the Visitors team.

Warner TV will soon broadcast its first French creation. The studios, determined to establish themselves in France with ambitious original productions, call on a master in the field: Simon Astier. 5 years later Hero Corp, which put superheroes at the heart of its story, this time it tackles science fiction. A call for projects won for Astier and his team, and a chance to rediscover his universe for the spectators.

Presented on Saturday March 19, in world preview at Série Mania, the series pays tribute to many classics of the genre, from X Files at ghostbusters Passing by Twin Peaks. A work nourished by the various inspirations of this handyman, who acts both in writing and behind and in front of the camera. “I was fed up with that. It’s always the same, it’s Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and the old Spielbergs. They are comforting films for me. Working with moving critters, and an invasion of stuff, that mystery appeals to me.”

Science fiction, and the genre in general, is still struggling to establish itself in our green regions. If we could imagine that the arrival of SVOD platforms would tend to reshuffle the cards, things are far from being so easy according to Simon Astier.

“I don’t know if it really reshuffles the cards, there aren’t more SF series. At Warner TV, they have this freedom of tone, they are apart. It’s another way of looking at creation, they look for author projects, defended and embodied by people.”

He also confides that he had absolute freedom in his creative process. Thanks to Warner Bros, Simon Astier had every opportunity to develop his project as he saw fit. “We are all going to speak the same language, to make the series very unique. It’s great, it’s a real chance”.

“It’s still really strange isn’t it? “

The plot of Visitors transports us to the fictional city of Pointe-Claire, when a mysterious object has crashed on the farm of the filthy John Collins. Richard, for whom it is the first day in the police force, is determined to shed light on this affair.

However, he will have to deal with hostile colleagues, resentful old friends and a failing marriage. And as if that weren’t complicated enough, two strange agents looking like Mulder and Scully want to take over the case.

New faces, but not only…

Simon Astier has called on many actors that he has already had the opportunity to work with in the past. We thus find some central elements ofHero Corp, starting with Arnaud Joyet, who played Stan alias Mental in the France 4 series. Gerard Darier, inimitable Brasier, will not stray too far from his score since he will play the raw police chief. Moreover, Simon Astier confides having directly thought of the actor to embody the character.

“For the most part, I didn’t have people in mind, I preferred to imagine characters that come to life freely in my head. For the chief of police, Gerard Darier, he is an actor with whom I have worked for a long time and I knew exactly what he would do in this role. I try to give everyone a score that holds up, and when it doesn’t work, we change things and we adapt so that it’s a concert with lots of instruments that sound different, but let it be be harmonious.”

We also find Arnaud Tsamère in the skin of a real estate agent, Adrien Ménielle in that of a video game enthusiast and Delphine Baril in that of a rude and manipulative police officer. Around the main character, camped by Simon Astier, gravitate Vincent Desagnat and Damien Jouillerot, Richard’s childhood friends, Julie Bargeton, mysterious biology teacher and Tiphaine Daviot, the cold wife at first sight.

A worthy successor to Hero Corp?

The shadow of Hero Corp necessarily hovers over this new production, initially through its casting, but also and above all thanks to the very special writing of Simon Astier. This is particularly true on the side of the dialogues, always so worked and hard-hitting. A score necessarily very pleasant for the actors, who were marked by a particular scene. Tiphaine Daviot tells us: “Damien’s, the sachet, the infusion of sadness! Me, it’s my favorite scene. It will be in episode 7!”

The team did not leave without giving us some advice in the event of an encounter of the third type. We will mainly remember that it is necessary to know how to cook, to have a certain sense of humor and also but above all a solid physical condition in the event that these aliens are hostile.

To discover Visitors, you will have to wait a bit. For now, the series has no broadcast date on Warner TV.

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