End clap for the Snapchat drone only 4 months after its release

The social network abandons its risky projects to go up the slope and the Pixy drone is the first to pay the price.

In the family of nice gadgets but not really successful I ask: the Pixy drone from Snapchat! And unfortunately, it is not likely to improve since its production is about to simply stop. At least that’s what an article in the Wall Street Journal suggests. Announced last April, the small drone is sold at a price of €249.99 in France and the United States only. At this price, the latest toy from Snapchat seems to be struggling to find its audience.

For some time now, Snapchat has been facing some financial worries. While there was talk of laying off some of the employees, the company is looking for other solutions. The success of the social network’s subscription formula seems to be making it go up the slope, but not enough for the teams to be able to experiment in all markets. It is therefore time for the group to abandon the risky projects, and obviously, Pixy is one of them.

Snap Snapchat Pixy drone
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Augmented reality first

Drones are often too professional or too simple and Snapchat failed to strike a balance between quality and price to attract crowds. If you were planning on getting Snapchat’s consumer drone, don’t worry, this one is not going to be withdrawn from sale immediately. However, according to the report of wall street journal, this gadget will be sold while supplies last. So don’t delay if this product has caught your attention.

However, the production of accessories and other gadgets does not stop there. Indeed, the social network will focus its efforts on its range of glasses. The famous Spectacles have also had rather mixed success as simple glasses capable of taking photos. That’s why Snapchat has developed Shows dedicated to augmented reality. Produced for content creators, these are not available for purchase to the public. At this rate, the group could well be caught up by Apple and its still secret helmet which continues to be talked about…

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