Enola Holmes will (very) soon return to service!

Enola Holmes 2 has a release date. When will we see Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill on our screens again?

Netflix will reopen the investigation. More than two years after her first adventures, the budding detective is back on Netflix. Enola Holmes will be entitled to a second film, still with Millie Bobby Brown in the main role. This time, it is a real investigation that the young woman is entrusted with. When young Lady Cecily Alistair – the daughter of a baronet and a far from proper teenager – goes missing, Enola must travel the dangerous underworld of London to find her.

Except that this mission turns out to be more difficult than expected, Enola will have to call on her eldest to shed light on all this. At the same time, the young woman is still without news of her mother who has disappeared since the first part. This film should also explore this narrative arc, Helena Bonham Carter will return in the skin of the matriarch.

As for the casting as a whole, we will find a good part of the actors already present in the previous film. Thus, Henry Cavill will return to the skin of the tenant of 221B Baker Street. For now, his brother Mycroft is not announced. On the other hand, we will find Louis Partridge in the skin of Tewksbury. fans ofHarry Potter will also recognize David Thewlis, famous Professor Lupin.

Behind the camera, Harry Bradbeer is at work. The filmmaker is already quite familiar with the license since he had already made the first part. He collaborates once again with Jack Thorne, author and screenwriter to whom we owe the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. He was obviously inspired by the works of Nancy Springer. This second chapter will generally follow the same framework as that of the second volume. So readers shouldn’t be too confused. However, they can expect some surprises.

First images and a release date

Netflix has shared first images of this new film. On Twitter, the platform even plays it Where is Charlie? with a poster that includes some clues. But it’s the photos shared yesterday that tell us more about the project. This is all the more true since Netflix accompanies these previews with crucial information. Indeed, Netflix finally reveals the release date of the film. The appointment is fixed at next november 4 on the platform.

Until then, we can expect a first trailer to promote this upcoming release as it should. Netflix will also take advantage of its TUDUM to unveil them. On September 24, the N rouge will meet its subscribers on YouTube and Twitch for an unprecedented conference. During this event, the streaming platform will announce many projects. Last year, more than 25.7 million fans around the world came together to discover exclusive images of the most anticipated series and films.

We can expect to discover a little more about season 3 of The Witcher, another flagship project of Henry Cavill on Netflix. For Millie Bobby Brown, it will probably be simply to present this new film, season 5 of Stranger Things has not yet started filming.

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