EnR: a British startup is developing a high-yield wave power plant

The startup British Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL) is currently developing a wave power plant high efficiency, the energy being generated from the movement of the waves. The power plant developed by SWEL consists of an articulated and floating apparatus which follows the movement of the waves, the latter being attached to a supply system. The movement of the switchgear creates mechanical energy via the Waveline Magnet (WLM), an innovative technology that increases the energy efficiency of this type of plant.

Particularly versatile, this wave power plant can also perform electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, and could even, according to SWEL, be used to desalinate seawater with just a few small modifications to the device. Tests of the prototype wave power plant have proven conclusive, and SWEL announces an energy production capacity of 100 MW per WLM! Despite this first success, the British startup is still looking for funds and has started to optimize its technology with the dual objective of reducing costs as well as the carbon footprint of the production phase.

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