Epic Games has already raised $36 million to help Ukraine

Many game companies have already mobilized to help Ukraine. In fact, Epic Games recently announced that it would donate funds to humanitarian organizations to help Ukraine. Microsoft has also joined the cause because for some time it has allowed in-app purchases of Fortnite from its Microsoft Store platform. This action will be done until April 3 and the money raised until this date will be paid in full to the Ukrainians.

What is the initiative taken by Epic Game

Last Sunday, a new season of Fortnite was born. The company Epic Games took the opportunity to announce to users that it was committed to helping the Ukrainians since the war broke out. The principle is therefore to encourage Fortnite players to make online purchases for two weeks and all proceeds will be donated to associations that help Ukrainians. At the moment, there are already four organizations benefiting from this aid, which are Unicef, Direct Relief, the United Nations Refugee Agency and the World Food Programme. Epic Games has also said that other organizations will soon be added to this list.

36 million dollars raised in one day

The head of the company announced that they have already secured $36 million in just one day. This collection should thus be more than fruitful since it will last two weeks. This is due to the launch of the new season of Fortnite as players have to purchase new items on the game like the Battle Pass which allows them to get exclusive characters and access other in-game content.

Epic also announced that Xbox will also make its profits, obtained through the products of its game during these two weeks, available to Ukrainians. Indeed, Xbox has released the game “Resistance” and to access this novelty, players must make purchases on its online store. It’s not just Epic that has raised funds to bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Other companies have already raised around $6 million through Humble Bundle.


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