Epic Games is doubling down on its free games for the next two weeks!

On the Epic Games Store, enjoy two free games this week and next week. We already know the future games offered!

As is tradition, Epic Games is giving away a game for free to its Epic Games Store users every Thursday. But, for a still unknown reason, the firm has decided to spoil its players more than usual by offering them two games this week. An operation that Epic Games repeats the following week, which allows you to access 4 free games in just two weeks. Quickly find out what your gift is!

To begin with, until April 7, you will be able to collect the titles Total War: Warhammer and City of Brass. The former is an action-strategy game that combines turn-based and real-time gameplay mechanics. In this fantastic world, the goal is to dominate the other clans by organizing conquests and fighting the different creatures that inhabit the game.

The second game offered this week, City of Brass, sports a completely different style. In this title, you play as a thief from the Middle East in an atmosphere that can remind you of both Aladdin, Prince of Persia or even the tales of 1001 nights, with more skeleton enemies. You will have to use your blade and your whip to overcome your supernatural opponents.

Next week’s free games already known!

For the following week, from April 7 to April 14, Epic Games offers you the same dose of fun, and on top of that reveals the games in advance. We therefore know that you will be able to benefit from Rogue Legacy and of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Rogue Legacy is, as its name suggests, a roguelite that turns out to be extremely demanding. And for good reason, each time you die, you reappear with a handicap character. Not in terms of mechanics, but real illnesses or disabilities that will alter (and not degrade) your gaming experience. We are talking here about dwarfism, color blindness or other disorders that obstruct your vision.

At last, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an action adventure game very focused on exploration. The goal is to find Ethan Carter, a young boy presumably involved in strange affairs who disappeared following a mysterious letter sent to detective Paul Prospero, who is none other than you. You will therefore have to investigate this case which is part of the occult while elucidating the murder which is at the origin of this dark story.

To play these titles for free, you just need an Epic Games Store account. Above all, be sure to collect the games before 5 p.m., the time at which Epic Games makes the change of the week.

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