Epic Games will donate two weeks of earnings to humanitarian organizations to help Ukrainians

Since the war between Ukraine and Russia broke out, several tech giants have taken the initiative to help Ukrainians. Precisely, Epic Games has decided to donate its profits collected on the Fortnite game to humanitarian organizations that help Ukrainians.

Additionally, Fortnite users can support this cause by making purchases online and paying for them with real money. This action lasts two weeks and the entire sum obtained during this period will go directly to organizations that offer any form of assistance to Ukrainians.

Epic donates to Ukrainians

The creator of the Fortnite game decides to donate his profits for two weeks to humanitarian organizations in order to help them. The organizations that have benefited from this aid are Direct Relief, Unicef, the Food Program and the United Nations Agency. Epic Games said other organizations will also be able to access this help in the coming weeks.

Players will therefore be able to buy V-Bucks or even cosmetic packs. But these items must be paid for with real money. Epic also informed that it donates products purchased via gift cards and that they can be redeemed during the two weeks. In addition, the company also announced that it will send the funds collected quickly without waiting for the real money to be converted from the platform.

Other game companies also helped Ukrainians

Apparently, Epic would be the last of the companies to help Ukrainians. Indeed, Jeux Anti-Riot had already organized a fundraiser to support Ukraine. He also donated some products, including the sale of passes as well as the latest League of Legends skins. He announced that they have raised a sum of more than 2 million dollars until March 09, 2022. In view of this announcement, other companies like Démangeaion.io and Paquet humble have also joined the cause by offering lots of products whose profits will be donated to humanitarian organizations that help Ukrainians.

All the more, Microsoft has also shown its solidarity with this gesture from Epic. Microsoft officials have announced that they will pay out all profits made on sales made through Microsoft Store until April 3.


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