Esports player kicked out of team for remark about some men’s height

A professional player has been excluded from her teameSports based in Osaka, for a remark made during a broadcast where she claimed that men below a certain height should have no human rights. Tanukana’s apologies were not enough to validate his immediate reinstatement.

The risk for online content creators (“streamers”), those who are in direct contact with their audience for a long period of time, is that of slipping. And depending on the audience gathered, these exits from the road can have a more or less powerful resonance, and impact the image of the creator or even his virtual career.

Tanukana, a professional eSport player who has distinguished herself in the Tekken franchise, was until recently a member of the Cyclops Athlete Gaming team. Increasingly renowned, Tanukana saw her rise halted following remarks made during a broadcast dated February 15th.

Controversial remarks by a Japanese eSports player: a misunderstood term?

During this broadcast, Tanukana indulged in a remark about the size of some men:

“Men who are less than 170cm tall have no human rights. »

She added that these people had to resort to surgery in order to have their bones lengthened. We are told that there may have been a misunderstanding here, the term used in Japanese to designate human rights, jinken, being the same as that translating an essential object or character in a game.

On her Twitter account and in a since-deleted post, the player then said:

“I have been pointed out that my feed contains hate speech”.

If she admitted to having misspoken and that she apologized to the people that her remarks had been able to shock, the consequences were not long in coming. Tanukana was thus excluded from her eSports team, and Cyclops Athlete Gaming for having also publicly kept a low profile:

“We have confirmed that on February 15, Tanukana, who is a member of Cyclops Athlete Gaming, made an inappropriate remark on a broadcast. In this regard, we would like to extend our sincere apologies to the fans, sponsors and all those who support us. »

With his community and the team’s sponsor, Red Bull, Tanukana once again made amends:

“I have deep remorse for this statement, which is unbecoming of a professional esports athlete and member of society.”

With time and if his skills in play do not lose quality, we can expect that, in the future more distant than near, Tanukana will regain consideration in the middle.

Source: Kotaku

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