Europe experienced the hottest summer in its history in 2022

Climatologists have claimed that Europe has experienced this year the hottest summer in its history. The continent has suffered intense heat waves and the worst drought of the century following climate change. Temperature readings between June and August 2022 have hit records. For example, the mercury exceeded 40°C for the first time in Great Britain on September 6th. However, temperatures in Europe are 1.34°C above the averages traditionally observed at this time.

Heat wave in a city white-hot by the sun.

These readings far exceeded the record highs of 0.4 degrees Celsius seen in August 2021. The atmosphere monitoring service said it had identified in Europe numerous forest fires since January. The resulting dry ground caused devastating and often fatal fires in more than 660,000 hectares of land.

Globally, last month was August hottest ever recorded for decades.

Temperatures well above Paris Agreement targets

This summer in Europe has been Again hotter than that of last year. Satellite data confirms that current temperatures in Europe are still well above the goals covered by the paris agreement. Recall that this agreement signed in 2015 committed nations to cap global temperatures.

The average temperatures must therefore be kept “well below” 2°C above pre-industrial levels. In addition, each signatory country must strive to achieve a safer threshold of 1.5°C. However, the summers have become increasingly hotter and longer from one year to another.

A widespread and worrying drought in Europe

The European Union has declared thata drought wave is currently spreading across the continent. According to the latest bulletin from the European Commission’s Global Drought Observatory, 47% of the continent is currently covered by drought alerts.

It is the worst drought that the continent has known for at least 500 years. Water pricing and aridity wreak havoc on the environment. The soil is drying up, the vegetation is showing signs of stress, feeding the crop concerns autumn on the continent.


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