even Steve Jobs’ daughter mocks Apple

Apple’s famous marketing strategy makes many people laugh, starting with Steve Jobs’ daughter who does not fail to point it out.

Every year it’s the same tune. During its famous back-to-school keynote, Apple took the opportunity to unveil its new range of high-end smartphones. This year, the firm is presenting a string of iPhone 14s, with 4 different versions. iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max; as many devices as fans of the brand will snap up in the days to come.

Next September 16, many people will rush to get their copy of Apple’s latest flagship… some at the cost of blind trust in the brand. A funny situation that does not fail to react to the daughter of Steve Jobs, even though her father is the one who co-created the company almost 40 years ago. On Instagram, the young woman posts a humorous photo that we did not expect.

iphone 14 steve jobs
Credits: Eve Jobs via Instagram

Me upgrading from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14 after today’s Apple announcements

Putting your finger on the consumerist tendencies of Apple and its fans at the crucial moment of the keynote, you had to dare. Each year it is obviously the same criticisms that the company receives: the models presented are not revolutionary for two cents, and are satisfied with the union minimum in terms of improvements so that we can call these similar devices with a new name. .

Apple: a turn without a U-turn?

While many defend Apple’s vision of innovation and its uniqueness in the world of smartphones, others are more alarming, especially given the current financial situation. It must be said that the iPhone 14, although it does not present many novelties compared to the range of the previous year, is sold much more expensive for the basic model. Recall that the iPhone 14 is displayed at a price of 1019€, and this increases to 1169€ for the iPhone 14 Plus.

Finally, it is always the Pro and Pro Max models that benefit from the main advantages but as always, it is by paying more than 1300€ that you will be able to afford them. Despite everything, the fault of this consumer system is not to be put entirely on the back of the brand, but also engages the responsibility of consumers, which is what Steve Jobs’ daughter first refers to. Who knows, maybe she too will succumb to the sirens of the iPhone 14?

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