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Season 4 of Stranger Things has just ended. The adventure in Hawkins is however not over, what do we know about the fifth season?

Stranger Things Season 4 is over, but it’s only the beginning of the end. A few months ago, the creators confirmed that a fifth round of episodes was on the program. They were, however, sparing in detail on what the future holds for our favorite characters. However, we have some information that allows us to define the contours of this conclusion. Back to what we know.

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Coming farewells

The Duffer brothers had said it, Stranger Things won’t last more than four or five seasons. Luckily for us, the creators finally went for the high end. A fifth season is therefore definitely on the program, but it will be necessary to take advantage of it. At the end of these new episodes, we will have to resolve to say goodbye to Will, Max, Eleven, Dustin and the others.

The two writers and directors do not want to do the season too much, they should not spin their concept and their universe. We can therefore expect that all the plots and sub-plots will be completed in just a few episodes. It’s going to be sports.

Vecna ​​is the final boss

Since its first steps on the small screen, the series has been populated by monsters and shadowy creatures. So far, the adventures of our characters have been a walk in the park compared to what awaits them in the future. From the beginning, in the shadows, Vecna ​​sent its soldiers to Hawkins to open the gates of hell.

Number 1 has had his way, Hawkins is at the epicenter of a supernatural earthquake that has opened several portals to the Upside Down. If he was significantly weakened during his fight against Steve, Nancy and Robin, the character played by Jamie Campbell Bower seems to be far from having said his last word.

The actor recently confided that he would be in the cast for season 5, there is little risk that the writers will bring us an antagonist from behind the bundles for the next episodes. Especially since it makes a perfect opposite for the heroine Eleven.

Up is Down

The world of Stranger Things was turned upside down. The opening of the portal results in a change of universe, the Upside Down invites itself to the other side of the mirror. As seen in the final footage of Season 4, the rot is back, except this time it’s spreading for miles around. We can imagine that the sector is cordoned off, a bit like in Under the Dome.

Creatures from the Upside Down will no doubt roam the streets of the small town in Indiana. Our heroes will have their work cut out for them. After four seasons of rather quiet battles, our characters will visibly take part in a more massive and perhaps even deadly battle.

A jump in time

It is the rumor that has been swelling for several weeks, the series could well choose to take the path of the ellipse. The actors having grown well since season 1, it is a little difficult to make the spectators believe that they are each under 16 years old. The Duffer brothers had also confirmed this leap in time through an interview.

After watching the last episode, it’s hard to see what form it could take. It seems rather unlikely that our characters will take a few years off as a huge portal to the Upside Down rips open the city.

Not for now

We’re not going to hide it, Stranger Things knows how to keep you waiting. Despite three years of absence on our screens, the series has been able to remember the good memories of the spectators. It quickly established itself as the most popular English-language series in the history of the platform. She currently has no less than 930 million hours viewed worldwide.

If the Covid mainly explains this delay, the series has never adopted a very regular broadcast rate. A real technical and script monster, the project is very ambitious and requires time and money. Season 5 promises to be even more so, we will probably have to take our troubles patiently. It seems unlikely that we will discover season 5 before 2023 or 2024.

Faced with Variety, the creators nevertheless confided that the wait should not be so long. They explain that they took advantage of the break linked to the Covid to move forward on the scenario for season 5. We can therefore expect to discover it sooner than expected. It will nevertheless be necessary to remain on the lookout to discover the launch date of the shooting.

You can still binge it

A few days ago, we learned that Netflix was considering reviewing its distribution model. According CNBC, the firm could soon abandon its method to return to a weekly broadcast. The goal: to keep subscribers longer and avoid sudden unsubscriptions.

Stranger Things having already changed its formula for season 4, with a broadcast in two parts, we can logically ask ourselves the question about what the series could hold for us in the future. Peter Friedlander, director of fiction series at Netflix US and Canada, was reassuring, you will still be able to binge the series.

“For Stranger Things fans, that’s how they viewed the show and I think changing that would be disappointing. Stranger Things is a seasonal experience and I think that would be too abrupt a change for viewers.”

Who will be in the cast?

This is the only thing we can say with certainty, the cast should be substantially the same. It is hard to see the series without Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the others, so we should find the whole gang. We can also expect a few newcomers, as was the case this season. Unfortunately, we will have to do without Eddie our metal favorite of these new episodes, which delighted us with a frenzied guitar riff.

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