Image de l'anime My Hero Academia avec Midoriya (personnage principal) donnant un coup de point dans l'air

everything you need to know about season 6

The up-and-coming superheroes of U.A. High School will face an unprecedented threat in the anime’s next arc.

My Hero Academia has been delighting fans of shonen and superheroes of all kinds for 5 seasons now, and the hit anime is preparing to adapt a narrative arc that is impressive to say the least… Kohei Horikoshi, mangaka of the work, has managed to build a believable world and a society centered around superpowers making everything immersive and addictive. Now it’s time to discover the future of this endangered society.

Midoriya and his fellow apprentice heroes grew up through different seasons with more or less traumatic events (to say the least), and while the pace had calmed down for the young supers, the next stage of their adventures will not be easy. The appointment is given for next fall, and more precisely October 2022 according to the magazine Shonen Jump.

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Villains in force

The forces of Shigaraki Tomura and his group of villains have only grown, and a decisive battle looms to decide the future of society. If you are manga readers, you know that the next season of the anime will adapt the famous Paranormal Liberation War.

This eighteenth arc of the manga comes to close the Rise of Evil Saga which started with the arc of the provisional licenses taking place in chapter 98 of the manga equivalent to episode 51 of the anime. The heroes have finally gathered enough information to be able to engage in the confrontation of Tomura’s forces and put an end to the Paranormal Liberation Front.

An enigmatic trailer

While this new season promises its share of twists and other surprises (which will not necessarily be good), the first trailer for it suggests the heavy atmosphere that this arc has in store for us. At the end of the short extract, we find Shigaraki Tomura smiling and shining with a purple glow and seeming ready to do battle with the superheroes he hates so much.

This arc that the anime will adapt has no less than 54 chapters in the manga, which is much more than the other narrative frames that we have had the right to view so far. Where previous seasons cover several arcs at once, this season 6 should then focus on this single event essential to the flow of the anime. After this war, the anime will begin its last moments like the manga whose story should end this year according to the author.

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