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The Overwatch sequel is preparing for its arrival next October, but what about your currencies and other base game content?

For those who still don’t know, the multiplayer FPS from Blizzard is about to enter a new era. With the release ofOverwatch 2, the title left (almost) abandoned for several years now will be entitled to a well-deserved overhaul. To everyone’s surprise during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the “after” of the shooting game was revealed as being free-to-play, completely changing the economic system of the project.

Overwatch first of the name was a pay-to-play game requiring a simple purchase to access all its content in the years to come. From now on, the title will join the large family of service games, completely free but offering microtransactions of various types. And in the case ofOverwatch, this decision could well save a franchise that already seemed dead and buried. However, many questions arise about this daring transition, but Blizzard is already reassuring players.

One version to rule them all

At the time of the announcement ofOverwatch 2, the game was described as a full-fledged title alongside the base version of the game. Purchasing this sequel was to be entirely optional and only grant access to the new PvP and PvE game modes. Now that Blizzard is going in a completely different direction, Overwatch 2 will purely and simply replace theOverwatch that we know today.

This was confirmed by a developer of the game in a question and answer session on Reddit. Players will no longer have to worry about which content will be exclusive to which version: there will only be one. Knowing thatOverwatch 2 appears as an expansion to the base game rather than a sequel, this decision is the easiest for both developers and users.

However, the question of early access also arose. The use of this term has created confusion among the community, and Blizzard took the opportunity to set the record straight: Overwatch 2 will take the place of the current version on October 4, but the first seasons of the game are considered early access. The reason given: this only includes a small part of the content to come on the game, in particular the PvE which will appear in 2023.

Bye-bye lootboxes, hello battle pass

During the same Q&A session, players raised concerns about the transfer of progress from the current version to the latest. The response from the commercial director ofOverwatch Jon Spector was simple and precise: “Current currencies (Credits, Overwatch League Tokens, and Ranking Points) will all carry over to Overwatch 2.” So, no fear to be done on that side.

However, with the change in business model, the game will replace the terrible lootboxes with a battle pass format. There where Overwatch allowed to obtain skins unlocking these loot boxes after a few games and to have skins for free, it will now be necessary to get your hands on the wallet. Finally, it will be easier to access the dream outfits for your favorite heroes since these will be defined directly in the progression of the pass. Of course, this will mean a personal and financial investment in the game, but everything will no longer be based on luck and gambling (which can be a dangerous addiction).

As for hard-earned lootboxes that you haven’t opened yet: no worries. Blizzard has obviously planned everything, and these will be open before the switch to Overwatch 2 and their content will automatically be added to your account. The studio seems determined to revive Overwatch from its ashes, and it remains to be seen whether this transition to free-to-play will manage to save the already half-sunk ship.

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