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Since 1991, Star Nights have been run by teams of volunteer astronomers. They should be more than 200 again this year to participate: astronomy clubs, planetariums, associations, tourist offices, town halls, …, and will offer hundreds of events throughout the territory.

The Nights of the Stars take place on August 5, 6 and 7, 2022! This year again, take advantage of the beauty of the summer sky through the events offered all over France, but also from home, with family or friends, thanks to a program of starry evenings specially concocted for all, with or without instrument, during the month of August.

The Nights of the Stars 2022, organized by the Association Française d’Astronomie, offers all those curious about the sky the theme of exploration, at a time when the return to the Moon is materializing with Artémis, of the exploration of March. The celestial spectacle will also be there with a first lunar crescent in the night sky then the deep sky will be within reach of your telescopes, from the Milky Way from north to south, from Cassiopeia and Perseus, to Scorpio and in Sagittarius, towards the galactic center.

The time is ideal, the summer and the mild night temperatures encourage you to watch. The show is free, it is accessible to all and does not require any prior knowledge. Only curiosity is the key to it. But even better, the sharing of emotions can be accompanied by a story in which knowledge is transmitted when, with the eye through a telescope or telescope, the discovery is guided by an educated observer.

The French Astronomy Association (AFA) welcomes everyone free of charge to places conducive to observing the sky and stars, you can consult the program on its official website.

To best see the stars, move away from sources of light pollution such as street lights. It is recommended to observe them from 10 p.m., at nightfall with binoculars or a telescope to make the most of them. In addition, if your horizon is clear, orient yourself towards the North-West, where the Sun sets.

Note that the Perseid meteor shower will take place this year on the night of Friday August 12 to Saturday August 13, 2022. About a hundred shooting stars will be visible in this meteor swarm made up of the debris of an ancient planet. .

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