Experience the all-new gameplay of Fortnite Chapter 3

As expected, Chapter 2 of the game Fortnite Battle Royale ended at the end of the event “The End” which took place on December 4th. Now it’s time for Chapter 3 with its brand new island that promises players great surprises. The latter will not have waited for a long time before setting out to attack this brand new chapter. This was made available on Sunday afternoon from 4 p.m. He started with a first season called “turnaround”. Season 1 of this new chapter is scheduled to run until March 22.

On the program, players will be entitled to many new skins. They will also enjoy gameplay different from the previous one. Here are the new elements that will be part of the gameplay of Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

The ability to slide and swing

In this new chapter, it will be possible for players to become real kings of skiing. Indeed, according to some indiscretions, in chapter 3 it should be possible to drag his character.

We now have confirmation that these were proven facts. The leaks mentioned since September 2021 about this brand new feature were not far from reality. Better, this new game mechanic is far from difficult to use. Any player can use it.

To do this, all he has to do is press the same button as the one for crouching. The only difference is that this time the character must be moving before using the crouch button. This will cause him to glide instead of putting him in a squatting position like before.

As for swinging, that is an action the game purposely borrowed from Spider-Man. It is also no secret that the arrival of the spider-man in the game is imminent. And for that to have the right impact, Epic Games is already laying the groundwork. A preparation which therefore involves providing users with the possibility of swinging from one object to another.

These two new gameplay options will spice up the game a bit more. By using one of the two actions, players can both defend and attack. It all depends on the situation in which they are practiced. Gliding and swinging can, for example, in certain cases make it possible to avoid enemy fire. In other cases, they will be used to practice very interesting kills.

The weather is now an asset that can make the difference

In this chapter 3 of Fortnite, the weather will not only serve to provide pretty settings for the fights. Weather effects can now change the course of a match on their own. But how then?

Well in the trailer for the chapter, for example, we can see tornadoes having a decisive impact on the gameplay. They had allowed some users to use it to move faster on the map thanks to their gliders.

From there, one can easily deduce that other meteorological events could intervene directly in certain shootings. So all that remains is to wait until the end of season 1 of this new chapter to get a glimpse of what Epic Games has in store for players in this regard.

We must also talk about the role that the camps will have in this chapter 3 of Fortnite. Players will now be able to set them up and use them as an additional defensive wall. If they wish, they can even use it to store weapons.

For the moment, these are the new features that should be highlighted for Chapter 3 of the game from Epic Games. It could be that this new opus has other surprises in store for us.

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