ExpressVPN, the VPN elite, cuts its prices this Wednesday

To avoid any incident, protect your data on the net with the best VPN – ExpressVPN – right now at a great price.

It has been several years since the use of the Internet has become essential in our daily lives. But since the beginning of the health crisis that we are experiencing, the net and connected applications have made a considerable leap. If this has very practical aspects, these uses also offer a privileged playground for hackers.

So, to protect yourself, consider equipping yourself with a VPN. This type of software will preserve your sensitive information and your privacy online, but also give you access to countless advantages.

This is particularly the case of ExpressVPN, the best in the world. This is good because today, it lowers its price by half and offers 3 months as a gift to all its new users. All the details of this offer on its site:

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Who is ExpressVPN, the market leader?

As we just said in the introduction: ExpressVPN is the best VPN currently available on the global market. But, why is this software so qualitative? First of all, know that ExpressVPN ensures your security in an optimal way.

When you activate ExpressVPN, it automatically encrypts your browsing data (including your bank details, for example) using a powerful algorithm. Besides that, the VPN also takes care of completely disguising your IP address, so as to protect your identity and your location.

The supplier offers an application for this with multiple compatibilities (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux) and even an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox. However, ExpressVPN does more than just that.

Indeed, this VPN puts the package on the additional options, starting with the circumvention of censorship and geo-blocks that are current on the net. To allow you to do this, the VPN gives you access to over 160 VPN locations in 94 countries around the world, giving it the widest geographic coverage in the VPN world.

In this way, you will be able to change countries on Netflix and enjoy new catalogs as well as a smooth streaming experience thanks to the excellent connection speeds offered by the VPN.

Half-price ExpressVPN, money-back guarantee

You will agree, the service offered by ExpressVPN leaves nothing to chance. And if the software only very rarely lowers its prices, it does so at the moment, and for a limited time. Currently, the VPN offers you to benefit from an immediate 49% reduction, but also from 3 months free in addition.

This offer concerns the one-year subscription to the software, and therefore extends its duration to 15 months. This protection period will only cost you here €90.24, whereas usually you have to pay more than €175. It is therefore a great saving that is offered to you with this ExpressVPN promotion.

In order to better understand what this represents, know that at the monthly level, this offer lowers the price of ExpressVPN from €11.69 to €6.02. And to this reduced price is added 5 simultaneous connections per account so that you can take advantage of the VPN on several media at the same time.

This reduction is all the more interesting as nothing commits you definitively. Indeed, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial. Thus, you can change your mind and be reimbursed on simple request to customer service if you ever wish to cancel your subscription before the end of this period.

Grab the ExpressVPN promo at €6.02

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