Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed) would be the next guest star

Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed) would be the next guest star

Obviously, when it comes toUbisoftinformation flows as easily as pasta through a colander: images showing a 3D model for the character ofEzio Auditorethe protagonist ofAssassin’s Creed 2were found in the game files Fortnite and posted on Twitter. It features the series’ iconic—and fan-favorite—character in two versions, with or without a hood. In view of the very, very many cameos of video game characters in Epic Games’ battle royale, we would be far from surprised if this leak were proven.

Assassin’s Creed made his top 1 in Fortnite

Although it has as many episodes as years of existence, the franchise Assassin’s Creed has yet to take the big step into battle royale, the cornerstone of all things modern pop culture, virtual chopper of the hottest intellectual properties of the moment. But it won’t take long to believe these first previews taken from the game files, datamined by the usual professional Twitter snoopers.

A short video showcasing his custom emote was also revealed: Ezio Auditore pulls the daggers out of his sleeves before gazing at them as the most cartoonish of Italians, in true Assassin’s Creed franchise tradition. He will presumably be accompanied by his own pickaxe, also taking the form of the dagger.

No official announcement has been communicated by Ubisoft or Epic Games, but it won’t be too late. This is far from the first leak of its kind for the famous battle royale: the costumes of the characters from Uncharted had also been revealed in advance. We can’t list all the collaborations with video game franchises, but there have been plenty between Halo, god of war, street fighter or League of Legends. We are almost surprised not to have seen Assassin’s Creed arrive earlier… And who knows, one day he might be accompanied by the Rabbids. Nothing stops progress.

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