F-Zero X is coming very soon to Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Pack

F-Zero X is coming very soon to Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Pack

Halftone news for fans of F-Zero : the racing franchise of the future is indeed returning to Nintendo Switch… But through the back door: this is the episode F-Zero X which is in the spotlight today, in a comeback that we had already seen coming several months ago, when the subscription was announced Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack. The 1998 title is therefore integrated into the catalog of Nintendo 64 games available to all subscribers to the service, alongside that of Mega Drive games.

F-Zero X is moving forward to Nintendo Switch Online

We would almost forget him in favor of his successor GX on Gamecube, but F-Zero X however, there was no shortage of arguments in its favor when it was released in the late 90s. Although it does not shine with its graphics, the game puts the spotlight on speed with a robust 60FPS in all tests, made rare enough on Nintendo 64 to be reported. F-Zero X is also not stingy in terms of content, with 25 cars to drive and 24 different tracks to cover. A Death Race mode, which is similar to a death race on a procedurally generated circuit, is there to vary the pleasures.

The good news of this “reissue” is the compatibility of the game with the online mode of catalog 64 – a nice addition that will allow online games for up to four players… But only in split screen: the content of the game remains identical in its original version, the online component is “grafted” to the classic multiplayer mode, thus requiring the display of other player screens.

The arrival of F-Zero X confirms the monthly rate of new additions to the Nintendo 64 catalog which, quite honestly, should not last very long given its meager catalog… At least good games. Last month was The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask who came to join the party, following in the footsteps of the Banjo-Kazooie from Rareware in January 2022.

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