Facebook adds “Audio” section for podcasts and other content

Facebook is taking a closer look at audio today with a new dedicated section appearing in its mobile application. As we can imagine from the name, this tab groups together content related to audio.

Facebook Audio Section

A new Audio section at Facebook

Expect any kind of audio content in this section of Facebook: podcasts, audio rooms and more. The social network takes the opportunity to announce that it is also making its rival Clubhouse, Live Audio Rooms, available to users around the world. He is also starting to roll out a new product called Soundbites, a kind of TikTok that offers short audio clips.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, this new section will help creators find their shows, while Facebook users will be able to find audio from their favorite creators, discover new ones, and access content they’ve saved for later. . At launch, the Audio section will feature content from creators you already follow and include a set of personalized recommendations as well as suggestions for other popular audio content on Facebook.

Facebook is currently reserving this audio section for iOS and Android app users in the United States, according to TechCrunch. There is no information yet regarding an arrival in other countries. She is present by going to Facebook Watch.

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