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Facebook changes its name and becomes Meta, what does that change?

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network confirmed his name change, officially becoming Meta.

Facebook had already announced its desire to change its name, it is now done. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg set his sights on the future, renaming his company Meta. A way for the company to break away from the bad reputation of the social network with the blue logo, while betting on its new metaverse. A name change that occurs after 17 years, and which aims to broaden the scope of Facebook. “Our brand is so tied to a single product that it can no longer represent everything we do today. Ultimately, I hope we will be like a metaverse company ”, explained the boss of the company.

Why change your name?

If the social network Facebook is therefore still relevant, the company – like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Oculus – will now belong to the Meta group. A means for GAFAM to differentiate Facebook from the rest of its business, since it will not be necessary to have an account on the platform with the blue logo to connect to the metaverse. Behind this lining of the physical world, the metaverse should gradually impose itself as the future of social networks, but also our very conception of the Internet.

For Facebook / Meta, this name change has a double interest: not only does it allow the company to base its development project around the metaverse, but it also offers it the possibility of “start again from the beggining”, by trying to forget the many casseroles of Facebook, recently impacted by the Facebook Files. Concretely, this should not actually change much.

What is the metaverse?

With a concept close to Second life, the life simulation game popularized in 2003, the metaverse should allow us to communicate, work and play in a common virtual space. Kind of global PR game, all Internet users will be able – in theory – to find each other from their smartphone, their computer or better yet, their Oculus VR headset. In any case, this is what Mark Zuckerberg projects.

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