Facebook Gaming partners with Namco to launch PAC-MAN game

For many years, PAC-MAN was the arcade game par excellence. Throughout the 1980s, the game has held millions of users around the world in suspense. Unfortunately, it failed to survive the advent of home consoles. The latter with unpublished game offerings at the time ended up putting an end to the hegemony of Bandai Namco’s game. Many projects have subsequently tried to revive the dream of the biggest pac-gum eater in history. The most recent of them is the result of an association between Facebook Gaming and the Japanese publisher Namco.

According to the announcement made through a tweet from PAC-MAN Official, the game is called PAC-MAN Community. It basically takes the gamaplay of this video game classic by adding some modern concepts that are interesting.

PAC-MAN redesigned for the better

PAC-MAN Community is a project that straddles the past and the future. On the one hand, it intends to allow the new generation to discover this classic of arcade rooms. For this, it remains very faithful to the original gameplay of the game.

On the other hand, PAC-MAN Community wants to meet the demands of a modern game. For this, it offers users a clever mix between cooperation and competition. An offer that is somewhat reminiscent of Super Mario 3D World.

The game available on Facebook gives the possibility of playing three on the same game. This allows you to cooperate to complete the labyrinths while competing to find out which one has the highest score.

The game also has other options for more fun. The first is the “Watch” mode. This allows spectators to watch other players play the game. They will have the opportunity to participate in so-called PAC-MAN interactive surveillance evenings.

The second interesting option is the one allowing spectators to start a game against a streamer. Where the third interesting option allows you to create your own maps using the Maze Creator tool.

PAC-MAN on the way to the metaverse

Facebook has made no secret that its ambitions for the game go beyond a simple revival. The company that now calls itself Meta also plans to use the game as a “bridge to the metaverse”.

PAC-MAN Community should therefore play an important role in the development of Meta’s plans and therefore of its project entitled “Metaverse”. While waiting to see if all this materializes, PAC-MAN Community should already find its audience. If Bandai Namco has managed to keep a certain interest in its game, nothing proves that success will be there with this project.

If you are ready to let yourself be tempted by PAC-MAN Community, know that the game is completely free. It is available on all devices that offer the ability to access Facebook Gaming. Besides that, you don’t need to download the game before playing it.

Credit: ComicBook

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