Facebook has found a way around the App Store tax

Facebook has found a way around the App Store tax

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is playing the dissidents, and is currently testing a new in-app payment system on iOS, capable of bypassing Apple’s fees.

For several years now on Facebook, content creators have been able to offer a paid subscription to their followers. Similar to Patreon, the tool offers one or more subscription levels, each giving the right to exclusive benefits and content. Problem, on iOS, in-app purchases must pass through the App Store, and must therefore pay a heavy commission – up to 30%. Determined to offer “Opportunities for creators to earn more money”, Mark Zuckerberg surprised his audience this week, announcing a devious new technique for override the App Store commission.

Rather than directly offering in-app purchases, Facebook will thus set up a “Promotional link” accessible on the platform’s iOS application. This option will concretely allow content creators to receive the full amount paid by an Internet user, without having to give 30% to the Apple.

We recall that earlier this year, the company had already announced that it would no longer receive any fees on subscriptions and other donations until 2023. In an official blog post, Facebook continues: “Creators, however, still have to forgo 15-30% of their earnings to companies like Apple every time people buy subscriptions in the Facebook app on mobile devices. For recurring payments like subscriptions, this adds up quickly since these fees are paid monthly ”.

The Facebook Pay solution

Concretely, when validating the payment of a subscription, Facebook users on iOS will be redirected to a website, in order to complete their transaction via Facebook Pay. Thus, 100% of the sums paid will directly benefit the content creators concerned. This transaction will first require the influencers concerned to create a “Promotional link” via Creator Studio, which they can then share with their audience. Through the web, and no longer directly through the Facebook application, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg is playing on a gray area which already promises not to please Apple.

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