Facebook Messenger launches a new payment tool between friends

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, Facebook Messenger and Instagram rolled out several new features.

In their latest update, Facebook Messenger and Instagram rolled out several new features, aimed at iOS and Android users. Focused on confidentiality and security, the latter were formalized yesterday, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. A good way for Meta to make people forget its regular breaches in terms of data protection.

Messenger share note

First practical novelty, made available this week for North American users: the split payment. Available on both iOS and Android, this tool will enrich the payment tab (still very little used in Europe), by offering a group to share the bill equitably, or by customizing the amount owed by each. Once the note has been sent, participants will then be able to pay their debt directly from Messenger. Handy for birthday pools or restaurant bills, the feature could well replace existing sharing services.

Always more audio notes

If until now Facebook Messenger had capitalized little on its audio messages, the platform now intends to change the situation. Thanks to new dedicated options, the recording of voice notes now increases to a maximum of 30 minutes. It will also be possible to preview, pause or resume a message before sending it, which was not the case until now.

Finally, as announced a few weeks ago, Vanish mode now supports GIFs, emoji, stickers, and message reactions. Similar to Snapchat, this private discussion mode has been used for several months now to communicate via ephemeral messages, which disappear immediately after being read. To activate it, simply swipe up on the chat screen with an interlocutor.

Instagram launches its security check-up

Finally, on Instagram, the new products spotted by 9to5 Mac gather around the Security Checkup, a guide that will aim to help users better secure their account, but also the interactions they authorize. Another tool should soon be deployed, and will allow relatives to confirm the identity of a person when the latter sees their account accidentally deleted.

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