Faced with cyberterrorism, this Mac antivirus designed by the French is a miracle

Effectively protect your Mac from cyberattacks with the antivirus software published by the French Intego. Especially since this weekend, the latter is the subject of a very nice reduction of -60%.

Nowadays, choosing an antivirus for Mac is not easy. For Windows users, this problem does not arise given the diversity of the offer, with in particular popular software such as Bitdefender, Norton, McAfee, Avast Antivirus, etc… Also, in case you did not know, it There is a solution perfectly adapted to Apple computers, and it is the French publisher Intego who offers it.

Present in the Mac software market for more than 25 years, Intego has made a name for itself worldwide thanks to its antivirus for Mac. It is not for nothing that more than 30 million users around the world use it daily to protect their Mac from possible cyberattacks.

If you too want to take advantage of the best cybersecurity solution for your Mac, then you’re in luck. Indeed, the Intego antivirus is now on sale at 19.99 euros thanks to a monster reduction of 60%. Usually, you have to pay 49.99 euros a year to take advantage of its advantages and features. There, with the current offer, it costs you less than 2 euros per month. This is a pittance considering the high level of protection it offers.

I use Intego antivirus

Also, if you’re the puzzled type, Intego gives you a 30-day free trial so you can convince yourself of its effectiveness. And on top of that, the subscription is not subject to any commitment. This means that you are free to cancel whenever you decide. What more ?

Why Choose Intego Antivirus?

So yes, there are dozens of free antiviruses on the market. However, these are not as efficient as the Pro versions. We therefore recommend that you avoid them. To be protected at best, the best solution is to choose a paid solution. Like the one currently offered by Intego. Thanks to its antivirus for Mac, you will be sure to benefit from the best protection on the market for your Apple machine. The publisher has experience gained over the years.

He specializes in security vulnerabilities that primarily affect Apple computers. These are indeed very different from those found on Windows computers. That’s why Intego is able to protect your Mac in the best possible way. Thanks to its expertise, Intego can quickly identify the different types of threats that could harm your Mac. Phishing attempts (phishing), botnets, ransomware, through spam, none pass through his nets.

It is not for nothing that AV-Test gave it the best rating among the Mac antiviruses it tested. The other advantage of the Intego antivirus is the ease of use it provides. The latter does the work (scan, analysis, detection) in the background without disturbing you in your current tasks. Unlike other solutions on the market, it does not display many pop-ups (often useless) but performs daily tasks discreetly and therefore allows you to stay focused on your work.

To go even further, you can choose Intego’s all-in-one package. The Mac Premium Bundle in addition to integrating the antivirus of the publisher offers other very useful tools for your Mac. Among them, you have the Washing Machine, an ultra-efficient Mac cleaning tool that speeds up your Mac by up to 3x. A tool to have control over your backups in the cloud. And finally, parental control software, essential these days to protect your children when they are online.

Just like the antivirus, this ultimate pack is on promotion today and is displayed at only 29.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros for one year. By opting for this all-in-one solution, you benefit from the best security and optimization software for your Mac. Thanks to it, your Mac will be effectively protected, and it will be constantly up to date in addition to remaining efficient. You have the same as for the antivirus only 30 days of free trial.

To discover the complete Intego solution, it’s here:

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To buy only the antivirus, it’s here:

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