Faced with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, Sony launches Spartacus subscription service

Video games are popular with young and old. Its followers are growing every day, earning their publishers billions of dollars. It’s not surprising since there is something for everyone, from arcade games to adventure games and then platform games, puzzle games, role-playing games, simulation games…

Microsoft recently updated Xbox Game Pass. It thus made it possible to play Xbox and PC games on the same day as the games were launched, especially those published by Microsoft and those in the catalog of third-party titles. Sony hopes to counter this service by operationalizing a new service called Spartacus.

What do we know about Spartacus?

It is the merger of two services: PlayStation Now (PS Now) and PlayStation Plus (PS Plus), to form a single offer. It will integrate on board three levels of games at different prices. The first level is of the same type as the current PS Plus. And the other tiers will have PS4 and PS5 games within them, including access to extensive demos as well as the ability to share games on the net. The particularity of the highest level lies in the fact of having the possibility of a library of classic system games: the PS2 and the PSP.

All this information comes from Bloomberg. He also added that this famous service would be announced by Sony next week and that it will be launched with popular and recent games, but not the next game God of War: Ragnarok. As of now, no pricing rumors, but chances are Sony will want to stay competitive with Microsoft. The only problem on the horizon is the question of migration. Customers using PS Plus can pay for several months of subscription in advance. In that case, if the service is replaced, what are Sony’s prospects?

PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, what is it exactly?

PS Now is a subscription service providing access to PS2, PS3 and PS4 games. A player can play it through the Cloud or by downloading it. Those who do not have a good connection can then play without having to stream the games.

As for PS Plus, it is also a subscription service but this time on PS4 and PS5. With this service, players will be entitled to free games, exclusive discounts, online multiplayer games, exclusives, themes, avatars and full game tests.


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