Fall Guys is still planned for Switch and Xbox

Fall Guys is still planned for Switch and Xbox

Because it was necessary to be reassuring after months and months of waiting, the studio behind the phenomenon Fall Guys gave news of the versions Switch and Xbox. The good news is that these versions are still planned. The bad news is that no new release date has been announced.

We obviously don’t realize it from afar, but PS4 and PC owners are lucky. For almost two years now, they have been able to practice a video game version of Games without borders where we have fun with physics at best.

About a year ago, the imminent arrival of Fall Guys in the Xbox family and on Nintendo Switch. The release of these versions had been stalled in the summer of 2021, but while the trees were regaining their foliage, the Mediatonic studio had announced a postponement. We had to wait until the end of the year to obtain a new release window: 2022, without further details. Merry Christmas anyway.

Fall Guys Xbox and Switch: Not in Mid-Season 6, which introduces full PS4/PC crossplay

It has been almost two months since 2022 has been a lived reality for everyone, and Fall Guys remains hopelessly absent from the Xbox and Switch toy libraries. Mediatonic has just given news of these releases on the occasion of the announcement of the content of mid-season 6. So know it, this one does not include the slightest Fall Guys playable at Microsoft or Nintendo. But be patient:

“We know the news about Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox is highly anticipated. We’re finalizing development, and although it’s not in this update, it’s still planned.”.

PS4 and PC owners are lucky, you are told, because the developers of Fall Guys also stated that these platforms now support full crossplay.

“While you could previously form cross-platform lobbies in Custom Shows, this now means you can party and enjoy all of our applicable play rosters in Fall Guys – from squads, to duos, to the main show and beyond. ».

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