Fall Guys on Xbox and Switch, it’s for next year

A real gaming phenomenon at the start of 2021, Fall Guys remains the sole preserve of PlayStation 4 and PC gamers at present. If his Mediatonic studio has announced console versions Xbox one and Nintendo Switch for this year, no new information had been given for several months… Until yesterday. Unfortunately, this is not good news for those who thought they could indulge in the obstacle course this December …

Until 2022

Initially announced for the summer of 2021, the developers preferred to postpone the release of the game on Xbox and Nintendo Switch indefinitely during the month of May. Mediatonic was therefore keen to integrate the functionality of crossplay before launching the new console versions. Being able to play with players from other platforms is (almost) always welcome in online multiplayer games, and it was ultimately a delay for the better …

But if Mediatonic still does not give a precise date for these Xbox and Switch versions, we already know that they are not planned for this year. It is in a blog post posted on the official website of the game that we can discover the latest information about these future console versions:

We know everyone is excited about Fall Guy coming to Nintendo Switch ™ and Xbox, and rightly so! There are eu a lot of rumors on social networks that linked these new console versions to the launch of season 6. We want to clarify that this is not the case, so that no one is disappointed while searching for the game on these platforms. Thank you for your patience. This is one of our priorities during development and we look forward to sharing more details with you in 2022.

Sackboy as a surprise guest

The press release also looks back on the new features that await players for this Season 6, launched yesterday on all platforms. On the program, we will find guest stars who will type the encrusted with new collaborations – Sackboy from PlayStation, for the occasion – but also new costumes and a redesign of the multiplatform progression system with the Epic Games account. It will thus be possible to link their PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store account to be able to resume their level and inventory progress between the two platforms. Custom nicknames are also making a comeback.

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