father and son are reunited for season 3!

Mando and Grogu return to service, and embark on a new adventure in search of the living waters of Mandalore.

Season 3 of Tea mandalorian has been in the box for a while now. This new burst of episodes nevertheless had to give way to other productions such as The Boba Fett Book at the end of 2021 or Andor in this new school year 2022. In 2023, Din Djarin and Grogu will resume service. The trailer unveiled during the D23 tells us a little more about the plot that will unfold over the course of this season? Our two heroes will form a family, and face all the dangers.

Series The Boba Fett Book had already staged their reunion. After being briefly trained alongside Luke Skywalker, baby Yoda finally decided to abandon him to find his friend, the one who considers himself his father. At least that’s how the new sequence opens. The first images also confirm that Mando will do everything to restore his image after taking off his helmet. He should thus go in search of the living waters of Mandalore. This is the only way for Din Djarin to regain his status as a Mandalorian.

In the casting, we will obviously find Pedro Pascal in the main role. A few new characters are on the program, starting with Christopher Lloyd. The mythical Doc Brown will play a still secret character. Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito will portray Greef Karga and Moff Gideon respectively.

A detour to Cassian Andor

Before finding our favorite duo, we will have to take a detour to RogueOne. After the spin-off centered on the adventures of this team of rebels, Star Wars deepens the journey of their leader: Cassian Andor. So far, the series had made a point of freeing itself from the rest of the license. It will not be a question of exploring in more detail the Skywalker saga, but of being interested in the birth of the rebellion with those who gave their lives to overthrow the Empire.

Still, Disney+ wants to make sure fans understand that the stamp Star Wars is not far, the presence of the musical theme does not deceive. However, you will have to wait until next september 21 to find out what we have in store Andor, the series worn by Diego Luna. In the casting, we will cross paths with Genevieve O’Reilly and Stellan Skarsgard. Ewan McGregor could make an appearance, just like Ben Mendelsohn who we saw in Rogue One.

Once upon a time the Jedi

Lucasfilm took advantage of this conference to promote the upcoming release of Tales of the Jedi. the October 23, Disney+ will broadcast some episodes of this anthology devoted to Jedi of all ages. From Dooku to Ahsoka Tano, via Anakin, the emblematic characters of the license will be on the trip. This will be an opportunity for fans to discover more about their origins.

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