february 2022 games

So good even everyone only thinks of the Game Pass, we do not forget the service Xbox Live Gold and its selection of monthly games “offered” to its subscribers. As always, two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games will make up next February’s selection, available in just a few days.

Here is the selection of the month of February 2022:

  • Knights of Baphomet 5: Curse of the Serpent : Available from February 1 to 28
  • Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield : Available from February 16 to March 15
  • Hydrophobia : Available from February 1 to 15
  • band of bugs : Available from February 16 to 28

Blame it again on the Illuminati

It is the favorite series of conspiracy theorists that opens this monthly selection: Knights of Baphomet 5: Curse of the Serpent brings back George Stobbart and Nico Collard in a new investigation. The duo this time goes in search of a stolen painting, a search that should once again lead them on the trail of a secret society buried in the depths of the French capital, for once.

We are in a completely different genre for the second Xbox One game of the month of February. No more amateur surveys, it’s the turn of the horizontal scrolling runner Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield to join the selection of games offered. This production by Aerial_Knight—yes, the same as the title one—gives pride of place to the stylized staging and the soundtrack that beats up, but stumbles over numerous technical hazards. Its developer, however, has promised that an upcoming free update, including many gameplay improvements and new content, will be coming soon.

Drawer bottoms

In all honesty, the selection of Xbox 360 games is enough to raise some eyebrows: first we find Hydrophobia, action and survival game unfortunately entered the posterity by an outstanding mediocrity. The title happening six thousand leagues under the sea is more famous for the theater that followed its release in 2010 than for its (poor) intrinsic qualities.

Finally, band of bugs is a relic that comes straight from the early years of the Xbox 360. This strategy game features tactical combat between (you guessed it) belligerent groups of insects who obviously have a score to settle.

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