Ferrari formalizes the arrival of the very first SUV in its history

Ferrari has just officially announced the arrival of the Purosangue, its first SUV, although the brand refuses this name.

In a few weeks begins the Auto Show in Paris. The gathering in the capital is one of the biggest in the world and all the brands will be there. Among the various manufacturers who will have their stand, Ferrari has always had a special place. The Italian manufacturer is a symbol, and the arrival of a new prancing horse model is an event.

Especially when this car arrives with lines never before seen in Ferrari’s long history. Founded in the 1940s by Enzo Ferrari, the eponymous brand has always made sports cars, but now it has just made its first mistake. After months of rumors of all kinds, it was on September 13 that the legendary Italian manufacturer finally presented its car to the rest of the world.

Ferrari Purosangue: Ferrari DNA in an SUV?

With the “Purosangue”, Ferrari breaks the codes. For many of tifosi (fans of the firm), this car is not even a “real” Ferrari. For good reason, the lines are very close to an SUV and although Ferrari refuses to call its model as such, the Purosangue looks like it. Despite everything, the official name given by the manufacturer is “a 4×4 sports car”.

No matter what category Ferrari chooses to classify this car, it doesn’t do anything like the others anyway. With a 725 horsepower V12 engine, in the pure Italian tradition, the engine has something to delight lovers of the brand’s history. This engine, a variant of the one present in the GT 812 Superfast, makes it possible to reach 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. Performance levels identical to the latest Urus from Lamborghini or the Aston Martin DBX707.

Three SUVs which are offered in a 4-seater format (a heresy again for the tifosi). On the first images of the Purasangue, we can even imagine that the two passengers in the back will be installed very comfortably, they who do not seem to lack space. Ferrari signs, in passing, the very first car in its history with five doors, the two rears of which are antagonistic (they open in the other direction).

Inside, the on-board screen is ultra-modern. If the central console is minimalist, the front passenger has a large screen to manage many parameters. As for the cabin, Ferrari ensures that 85% of the materials used have been recycled. A small gesture for the planet which makes it possible to forget an ultra-polluting engine.

For the moment Ferrari has not given a price or a release date for its Purosangue. According to the first rumors from Italy, the model could be sold before the end of the year around 400,000 €.

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