FIFA says it wants to release a 'better' competitive game against EA Sports FC

FIFA says it wants to release a ‘better’ competitive game against EA Sports FC

It’s the end of a long soap opera that lasted several months: the end of the partnership between the Fifa and Electronic Arts. The organization that controls the World Cup and international football matches separates from the American publisher. The two parties failed to find common ground during renegotiations to renew the agreement that allows EA to use its brand for its sports game franchise…

While Electronic Arts formalized the new name of its football simulation series yesterday, FIFA says it will do well to compete with it in the future.

Electronic Arts

FIFA goes to war against EA Sports FC

It is in a long press release that the organization returns to the end of its collaboration. For the first time in several decades, FIFA plans to form several partners to exploit its brand in new games. “Several games belonging to other genres than simulation” are already in production, FIFA proudly announces. A somewhat vague statement, but which implies that FIFA intends to diversify its portfolio with possibly more arcade titles, or mobile games with different gameplay.

On the “pure” simulation side, EA Sports still retains the rights to the FIFA brand until next summer. After the end of the Women’s World Cup in July 2023, FIFA will then be able to release its own game of the genre and has already announced that it is in “talks” with “big game publishers” to release a simulation in 2024.

This new game could then bear the name of FIFA 24, for example, and sign the name’s return to the video game scene… In the hands of another studio. The FIFA President himself already announces great ambitions for the future of his brand in the video game industry:

“I can assure you that the only authentic and real game that bears the FIFA name will be the best available for gamers and football fans. The name FIFA is the only global and original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – the constant is the FIFA name and it will forever remain and remain THE BEST.”

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