Fiido X, an electric bike that will make you crack

Specializing in electric bicycles and scooters, the Fiido brand hit hard with the Fiido D11, a major commercial success last year, powered by a successful Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which reached one million dollars. They come back with a successor, the Fiido X, also financed on Indiegogo and which has reached 1,379,000 euros in pot.

Also positioned towards the entry level of electric bikes, the Fidoo X comes out at a slightly higher price than the D11 (1433€ at the moment on the manufacturer’s site), but also announces a host of small welcome improvements for the regulars who drove in D11. After their superb promotion and the success of the D11, can Fiido repeat the feat a year later with the Fiido X? Let’s see this!

Worthy successor to the D11 or pale copy?

With only one year between the two devices, it is legitimate to wonder if the design of the Fiido X had the time necessary to address the rare criticisms that were made to the D11, the company assures that yes and that the improvements made justify the higher price. We must admit that yes, it is worth it.

Equipped with a magnesium alloy frame, which is lighter and more modern, the Fiido X is very beautiful and has no visible welding, a criticism that had been leveled at the D11. It also has a simpler folding system, improved torque sensors, promising more efficient power delivery, a code security system that prevents theft of the saddle and battery, and many and various improvements on the other parts.

We are therefore dealing with an electric bike advertised as a genuine and authentic new model and the list of modifications made clearly goes in this direction.

Prices and models

Upon release, Fiido announced two different models for the Fiido X:

  • The classic Fiido X, 17 kg, hydraulic brakes, 417.6 Wh battery and 250 W motor. resellers, the price should then rise to around €1999.
  • The 16.7 kg Fiido X Lite, disc brakes, 208.8 Wh battery and a 250 W motor, but above all a much cheaper price since it is currently at 759 € for the first buyers then will wait for the price of 999€.

Unpacking and assembly in 15 minutes flat

Another point of criticism which was of course heard by the manufacturers of the Fiido D11, the Fiido X is supplied with less packaging, boxes, accessories and plastics. The bike and its parts are very well protected by two huge blocks of polystyrene, the whole thing is in immaculate condition when it arrives and I don’t see how it could be otherwise. There should be no nasty surprises for shoppers upon opening.

The assembly is very simple, the frame is quickly deployed, the handlebars screwed and the battery installed in a few minutes thanks to fairly intelligent systems of clamping handles which do not require any tools. The assembly guide is also very well done, I am guided without problem towards my objective: To ride! At this stage I have only one remark, the battery is the base of the saddle!

I haven’t tried the Fiido D11 where the same system was, but when you’re used to separate batteries it’s surprising the first time. Thanks to the clamping system it is possible to remove saddle and battery in a few seconds. The saddle and the battery are locked as soon as they are inserted into the frame and can only be unlocked using a security code that you have configured beforehand.

The clamping system also allows you to adjust the height of the saddle and makes the electrical link between the battery and the motor, I find it very ingenious, not being very comfortable on a bike, it’s one less cable to carry around when I throw, as less elegantly as possible, my leg to straddle the machine.

The bike promises 130km of autonomy in the battery, obviously this goes with a corresponding charging time. The manual announces 7 hours, so I will have to wait until the next day.

First impressions on the road

From my two-metre-five colleague to my 12-year-old daughter-in-law, the saddle settings were found quickly, and off we went. My first feeling is the efficiency of the engine, the slightest push on the pedals is immediately felt at speed and the 25km/h at which the bike is blocked by default is very quickly reached.

After three rides, we all agree, regardless of our respective weights and sizes, the motor is very efficient, the speed is exhilarating and the bike handles perfectly. The Fiido X and X Lite are set by default with a maximum speed of 25km/h which is already very good for classic urban use, however, like the Fiido D11 before them it is possible to unlock this limit to reach more than 40km /h.

Fiido has also announced that accessories will complement the bike for those who appreciate its speed such as a gas pedal. For the moment I do with pedal assistance and it suits me well. The bike has three levels of assistance. Level 1 already offers significant help and will above all not allow you to get too tired while preserving the battery.

Level 2 is fine for me for normal everyday driving. Level 3 is 25 km / h in two pedal strokes and full assistance, very fun to try but in use, I reserve it when really I don’t want to make the slightest effort, when my trip goes beyond the simple urban journey or when I carry a bag full of groceries on my back.

The Fiido X also has 7 classic speeds, it may be a lot, once the right one has been found (the one that seems the most natural to us between assistance and effective pedalling) I generally don’t change it. I tested the Fiido X on slopes and I must say that it does very well, the assistance is always present and the climbs are very easy.

For the rest, the saddle is perfectly comfortable and the grips are pleasant although a little hard. The bike comes with buyer mountable fenders. It is also equipped with front and rear lights integrated into the frame which, always in the optics or I am graceful as a dead donkey when I get on a bike, still saves me some wires. It is also equipped with a solid kickstand and remains stable when put down.

The screens and the bike are Waterproof, I looked a little further to find out how far, Fiido told me that it was better not to ride when it was raining heavily. The waterproofing is more than enough resistant for normal rain. Don’t ride the Fiido X in heavy rain… in general, don’t ride your bike at all in heavy rain.

I have only been testing the advertised autonomy of 130km on flat ground. But I was able to do daily and varied use, which I estimate at 65km, for four days, mixing slopes, accelerations, road, paths, level 3 assistance before needing to recharge it. In the range of foldable electric bikes and at this price, it is clearly a success.

A modern and racy general aesthetic, but a little raw details

With its magnesium alloy frame, I find the overall design of the Fiido X to be excellent, modern and compact, without sacrificing strength, something I appreciate in a tool intended for daily use! The “petroleum” green paint gives it a serious, sober look that goes everywhere but still colorful enough not to look like a sad piece of metal.

The displays and handlebar controls are clear, easy to read and unobtrusive. The green light that surrounds the battery ignition button is clean and brings a little SF touch that I like. A neat design then, but… But the care was clearly not the same for the design of the case for the security code which looks straight out of a secret government bunker in an 80s movie… again I love science fiction so for me it will be fine.

That said, if you’re the type who doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, you’re not going to like this case. Well, it is, after all, just a little box that does its job. His job precisely: to lock the saddle and battery together. Without the correct code, there is no pedaling assistance and potential thieves would end up with a simple, very heavy bike.

Of course it is not absolute security and it is strongly recommended to fit a lock and to take the saddle and battery assembly with you if you leave it on the street. But at least you are sure that whatever happens, the pedal assistance will lock out once the battery is empty.

Folding is very fast and it fits in a car trunk, two valuable assets

The alliance of the two is formidable, folding is done in 15 seconds, unfolding in 10. Stored, it takes up very little space and will fit in all vehicles and even in public transport (well, not at rush hour no more). The bike apparently comes with a new hinge, which I’ve read is a much-appreciated improvement over the Fiido D11.

Note that the folding system of the latter could prove recalcitrant at times. A magnet between the two wheels blocks the two parts of the Fiido X once folded to allow it to be transported without hindrance. The handlebars also fold up, making the Fiido X a small block on wheels when fully folded.

What if a part breaks?

With so many specific elements embedded in the frame, I wondered what would happen if a part failed. I asked Fiido the question, the parts are standardized and can be purchased in their online store and delivered to your home, for the rest, unless you are a great handyman very well equipped, it is better to bring the Fiido X at your bike repairer or in a simple store that provides this kind of service to change them.

Fiido has announced that it wants to open maintenance centers in Europe (including two in France) very soon and, driven by its success, should quickly have a network of authorized repairers.

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