filming for season 2 has just started

While fans are still eagerly awaiting the airing of the final two episodes of Season 1, the Rings of Power team has just started production on Season 2. Filming will take place in the UK, leaving Nova Scotia Traditional Zealand from the movies of Peter Jackson.

Rings of Power

Whether you are a fan of the first hour or a neophyte, it is difficult not to be speechless in front of the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Without being free from flaws, the series stamped Amazon is a success on many levels, both on its breathtaking visuals (which is not surprising given the huge budget of the project) that its respect for the work of JRR Tolkien.

At this stage of the broadcast, therefore, there are only two episodes left to be broadcast. Despite the already undeniable success of the series, which has already recorded 1.3 billion minutes of viewing since its launch, Amazon is not resting on its laurels and is already preparing the sequel. According to our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter, the filming of the season has indeed already begun. And, surprise, this one doesn’t take place where you think.

Rings of Power leaves New Zealand for the UK

The existence of a second season is not a surprise: hardly the official project, Amazon had already renewed the series for a new batch of episodes. What is more surprising, however, is the location chosen for the filming. Indeed, since the cult trilogy of Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings is automatically associated with New Zealand, and the first season of Rings of Power has respected this tradition by installing its production there.

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But for the second season, Amazon decided to look elsewhere. This time, it is the United Kingdom which welcomes the film crew, in the Bray studios, a few kilometers from London. The reason is of course economic, our British neighbors offering a better deal to Amazon which, moreover, is settling more and more in the area. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the series will also be filmed there. As a reminder, the latter will last a total of fifty hours.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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