films and series in September 2022

Summer vacation is well and truly over… 😢 Back to school is tomorrow! The opportunity for Amazon Prime Video to unveil its program (films and series) for the month of September 2022. So what does the famous SVoD service have in store for us? Well, that’s what we’re going to see together in this article.

Here are the new Amazon Prime Video for the month of September 2022

We start right away with the new films that will join the Prime Video catalog in September. First of all, you will be able to see or re-watch cinema classics. The streaming platform has three thrillers in store for you in particular: “Good Time” with Robert Pattinson, “Everything separates us” with the famous rapper Nekfeu as well as “Shark Bay”. But that’s not all ! You will also be able to see or re-watch the saga “The Transporter” or even “Ad Astra”, the science fiction film with Brad Pitt.

Amazon Prime Video also plans to release two original horror films, namely “Goodnight Mommy” and “My best friend’s exorcism”.

On the series side, there will of course be “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” from September 3rd (I can’t wait! 😊), but also classics, without forgetting “Miskina, the poor”, the new series humorous French with Melha Bedia, Shirine Boutella and Hakim Jemili.

Come on, without further ado, we let you discover the complete list of new movies and series who arrive on Amazon Prime Video in September 2022.

Amazon Prime Video Movies September 2022

  • Good Time : September 1st

  • Everything separates us : September 1st

  • The transporter (the saga) : September 1st
  • happy ending : September 1st

  • The Hero’s Return : September 5

  • Goodnight Mommy : September 16

  • My best friend’s exorcism : September 30

Amazon Prime Video Series September 2022

  • Hero Corp (the complete) : September 1st
  • The Office (UK) (the complete) : September 1st
  • Top Gear (seasons 15–19) : September 1st
  • The Rings of Power (season 1) : September 2

  • The Crowned Clown (season 1) : September 7
  • Signal (season 1) : September 7
  • Jail Playbook (Season 1) : September 7
  • Nip/Tuck (the integral) : September 15

  • Animal Kingdom (the complete) : September 15

  • Veronica Mars (season 1) : September 15
  • Everybody loves Raymond (the integral) : September 15
  • Mom (the integral) : September 15
  • 11.22.63 (season 1) : September 15

  • Poor Miskina (season 1) : September 30

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