Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is already embarrassing players

Latest MMORPG expansion Final Fantasy XIV, the segment Endwalker will soon open to its players. However, not all of them have gone to the moon yet due to connection errors or endless queues.

If, in recent days, you have consulted the major trends on the social network Twitter, you may have noticed the marked presence of Final Fantasy XIV (#FFXIV) andEndwalker. Since you have to present them just a little, the first is Square Enix’s second attempt, after Final Fantasy XI, to engage in a massively multiplayer and online RPG.

Endwalker is a new extension of Final Fantasy XIV which follows Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers. With time and the deployment of this copious additional content, Final Fantasy XIV has increasingly established itself as a model of its kind. Today, some of its players are paying the price for this growing popularity.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: long waiting girls and mistakes on the program

The situation that we are reporting here is not new, as it is about the launch of a new expansion for an MMORPG and all the issues faced by users wanting to venture into it. However, it highlights this ability, on the part of the responsible teams, to never achieve immediate perfect stability, whereas previous launches called for more care at this level. But it is undoubtedly futile to hope to be able to satisfy everyone in record time.

Endwalker will roll out in a handful of days, but to make sure it’s early access, players have started to line up. Except that the latter appear interminable. One of them was even given the name “Savage” in reference to a particularly difficult content of the game.

The most frequently encountered error codes are 2002 and 5006. The first occurs after a connection problem in the character selection menu, and the second during a failed connection attempt. But all this, Square Enix had predicted in a press release that called for patience. Nothing (greatly) to worry about, then.

Source: VG247

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