Final Fantasy XIV players put in virtual prison

Final Fantasy XIV players put in virtual prison

After broadcasting their game earlier in the week, at least two players from Final Fantasy XIV ended up in virtual prison. Their fault would have been that of having resorted to mods to increase their chances of success.

If, like the expression, the dogs were Naoki Yoshida and his team, with a caravan occupied by malevolent players of Final Fantasy XIV, we would then see that the former did not just bark asking their community to play a healthy game. Let us remember these warnings recently sent by the game director to users with antisocial behavior.

The case reported in recent hours does not so much concern attitudes such as those described on April 26, but it remains however in reprehensible practices. It would be so for having resorted to mods that at least two players of Final Fantasy XIV were placed in virtual prison.

Final Fantasy XIV players in virtual prison for using informative mods

Monday, May 9 in the morning, a player of Final Fantasy XIV known as Hiroro was streaming his part online. It was then that he was teleported to an area unknown to most players. This dungeon, named “Mordion Gaol”, was described in 2016 by a Square Enix spokesperson as a way to discipline bad players without disrupting the games of honest users. The broadcaster in question has since taken down its content on Twitch and YouTube.

The next day, another streamer, Bagel Goose, met the same fate while taking part in a Dragonsong’s Reprise raid, considered one of the toughest in the game if not the toughest. A raid mate of this player received a one-week suspension from Twitch for “cheating in a multiplayer game.”

Because in all these cases, the problem would come from the fact that these players were using mods supposed to help them better identify and understand the fights. Tools vexed by Square Enix. It is not yet known how long the two broadcasters will be banned and if we can send them jpeg oranges.

Source: Kotaku

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