finally a first trailer for the Marvel mini-series

Nick Fury is back soon! The last time we saw the ex-director of SHIELD was in “Spider-Man far from Home”. When Marvel and Disney announced a solo series for the character, fans were really looking forward to hearing more. After months of mystery, Secret Invasion finally reveals itself in a first trailer with a Nick Fury always in top form.

Aliens alert!

In “Secret Invasion”, Nick Fury faces a treacherous invasion: those of the Skrulls, shape-shifting aliens who can take on the appearance of anyone. We have already come across some of them in Captain Marvel and since the events narrated in the film, the Skrulls are now well infiltrated into human society. Nick Fury can however count on the help of one of them, Talos, to thwart the final plans of this secret invasion.

A paranoid trailer

Since Iron Man 1, MCU productions have accustomed us to explosive trailers that impress. And yet, the franchise tries a new approach with the trailer for “Secret Invasion” which relies more on sobriety and a paranoid atmosphere with its ticking music and the (almost) absence of Skrull in the video. The mystery hovers and the whole thing is really intriguing. We only have one desire, to know more about what awaits Nick Fury and Talos!

Who will be there?

“Secret Invasion” will obviously be worn by Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury since Iron Man! Other well-known heads from the MCU will also be there: Cobie Smulders, Ben Mendelsohn, Martin Freeman and Don Cheadle return notably as Maria Hill, Talos, Everett K. Ross and Colonel James Rhodes. As for new faces, “Secret Invasion” welcomes Dermot Mulroney, Emilia Clarke or even Carmen Ejogo in the MCU.

It is not yet known when exactly “Secret Invasion” is coming to Disney+, but it will be for next year! Strongly 2023 to discover the six episodes from the miniseries with Nick Fury.

Secret Invasion Official Series Trailer

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