finally a law to prohibit cold calling

The personal training account (CPF) will soon be subject to a canvassing ban. Good news for the millions of French people concerned.

It was time. For several months now, canvassing the personal training account (CPF) has become the pet peeve of individuals. Between unwanted calls and attempted scams, the phenomenon spares no one, to the point of pushing the government to legislate.

CPF scam: here’s how not to be fooled

Wednesday, August 24, it was on Twitter that the Minister for Vocational Training Carole Grandjean announced the news. A bill aimed at prohibiting canvassing in favor of the CPF was tabled a few days ago by the parliamentary majority. Objective : “concretely protect the 3.8 million users of the Personal Training Account”, recalls the minister, who believes that “abuses and fraud linked to the CPF must no longer be part of the daily life of the French”. The date of the examination of the text by the Assembly is not yet known, but could take place during October.

No more calls and texts

Concretely, this bill will make it possible to officially prohibit “canvassing by phone, SMS and e-mail from training organizations“. To enforce this ban, Modem and LREM intend facilitate exchanges between the various State services responsible for combating fraud, and in particular those related to the professional training account. “These practices jeopardize the readability and credibility of the system. Contacted on a daily basis, potential beneficiaries may doubt the seriousness of the training offered, thus discrediting the vocational training sector.“, recall the deputies in charge of the bill.

Remember that since last year, more than 2 million French men and women have registered for approved training through the personal training account. The My CPF application has been downloaded more than 3.8 million times. A craze linked to the training reform, applicable since January 2019. As a reminder, it is from this date that the credit for hours linked to the CPF went into euros, and that new skill operators were able to obtain their approval with the administrative authorities concerned.

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