finally the gaming chairs that your lower back deserves

finally the gaming chairs that your lower back deserves

Recaro Gaming chairs can rely on 50 years of expertise to guarantee your back maximum support and comfort. Discover these gaming chairs which are above all excellent chairs.

Gaming chairs have really taken off in recent years. Problem: When a market is growing strongly, everyone rushes into the breach and it becomes difficult to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. So much so that it is now advisable to simply buy a good office chair rather than a branded gamer chair to avoid false bargains. Because often gaming chairs are of poor quality from an ergonomic point of view. If they give the change with a distinctive aesthetic, that’s not why they are good for your skeleton.

In this difficult market to apprehend, Recaro takes the opposite view by considering that a good gaming chair is above all… a good chair. The design is also present, but the German brand does not do too much in order to have an elegant rendering, even if you like the colors. With Recaro, you therefore have beautiful armchairs to look at, but which will also protect your back.

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Recaro Gaming: comfort as a heritage

There is a simple reason why Recaro Gaming chairs are so comfortable: the Recaro group has been a manufacturer of chairs for over 50 years. You might not be familiar with the brand, but you’ve probably already sat in a Recaro seat. The German brand is discreet because it mainly works with professionals to equip planes or cars. Expertise that can easily be transferred to gaming chairs that you sit on for long hours as well.

It was in 2018 that Recaro founded Recaro Gaming before launching in May 2019 its first gaming chair: the Recaro Exo. It already reflects the whole philosophy of Recaro: first an iconic design reminiscent of the bucket seats of sports cars, but also and above all a craftsmanship on comfort. The entire support structure is designed for this purpose, it provides the body with a soft cocoon where the pressure is perfectly distributed for perfect ergonomics. This gives you an ideal support for long gaming sessions.

To achieve this result, Recaro Gaming consulted many gamers and esports enthusiasts, who were able to test the prototypes to perfect the final copy. It is for example thanks to this that Recaro was able to notice that the players adopt various reference positions. To offer the best experience to everyone, there are therefore four positions: attack, concentration, relaxation and recharge which can be used according to your habits… or the game you are playing. Go into relaxation mode on an adventure game, or in concentration mode on competitive FPS for example.

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Three models for all tastes

Today the Recaro Gaming range is built around 2 flagship products for 4 variations: the Recaro Exo has been available in an improved Exo FX variant as well as in a premium model called Exo Platinum. The other flagship is the Recaro Rae with a different design, and thought of as a versatile and more accessible model. However, it retains the essential elements that make up the quality of Recaro seats.

We can mention in particular the mechanism which synchronizes the backrest and the seat to the movements of the body in a 2: 1 ratio to automatically promote healthy, dynamic and ergonomic sitting. You will also find 5 lockable positions depending on your use and the built-in lumbar support to prevent muscle fatigue. The construction is still robust with a high quality and durable composite material for a stable footing for many years. Finally, you will find a breathable fabric covering to avoid sweating in the summer in addition to the 4D and padded armrests for maximum comfort. It is available from 599 euros.

The Recaro Exo add various refinements such as steering wheels for fine adjustment of the backrest or even “5D” armrests on the FX and Platinum models. They are accessible from € 819. Whether you choose the Rae or the Exo your back will always say thank you.

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