finally the jewel we were waiting for

We tested the new Pokemon Purple and Scarlet games, during a session full of promise.

Scheduled for November 18, Pokemon Purple and Scarlet promised (finally) to renew the video game saga. It must be said that the wait was long: time has started to get long since Sword and Shield (latest generation as of license date), and if Pokemon Legend Arceus had managed to breathe a breath of fresh air into pocket monsters, the title had not yet managed to remind us of the heyday of Game Freak.

After a few years of trial and error, this time it’s the good Big N: no more linear adventures and static animations, Purple and Scarlet offer a vast open world to explore, a deeper RPG dimension and multiple destinies to live in the four corners of Paldea. We had the opportunity to test the games in non-final version for a little over two hours. The opportunity to set foot in the region, but above all to form an opinion on this new generation, which is definitely eagerly awaited.

pokemon purple scarlet picnic
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Pokémon goes to (true) 3D

Inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, Paldea stands out as one of the most beautiful surprises of recent years at Pokemon. Specifically, the region succeeds where Arceus had failed, delivering a colorful, rich open world teeming with nooks and crannies to explore. Where Hisui lacked depth, Game Freak’s new playground promises hours of exploration. On this point, Pokémon really seems to have passed a course.

Pokemon purple scarlet motorbike
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The many elevations, the possibility to climb the mountains of the region, or on the contrary to sink into the depths of the underground rock cavities brought an additional dimension, of which the saga was deprived until then. It must be said that graphically, the latter had actually changed little since its inception, contenting itself with a 3D view from above, oh so nostalgic.

With Purple and Scarlet, Nintendo draws a final line on linear exploration and move to the open world. A bias that is felt throughout the adventure, whether with the addition of side quests that will punctuate the journey, or career choices that will be available to players. All without no loading screen to break the rhythm, we have to admit that the promise seems to have been kept: the playground available to us is dense, rich in discoveries, and promises to keep us busy at least as much as the hunt for Pokémon. It remains to be seen what the exploration will give in real conditions, our test having been carried out on a partitioned portion of the map.

Pokemon purple scarlet picture
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9G is here

For its ninth generation, Pokémon delivers, without much surprise, some new faces. Failing to detail all those that we have crossed, we will be content to judge on the physical. Without revolutionizing the graphics of the franchise, Purple and Scarlet manage to bring a bit of texture to the pocket monsters. It’s far from being a slap visually, but it is clear that the addition has its small effect. On our side, we especially appreciated the removal of charging times at the start of a fight, as well as the possibility of launching automatic fast fights when your Pokémon frolics by your side and meets a wild opponent.

Pokemon purple scarlet
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Another notable graphic improvement for our Pokémon friends: their size. Until now, the corpulence of pocket monsters was mentioned in the Pokédex, but rarely exploited (except for certain specific attacks). From now on, this parameter will be visible even before the start of the fight. Throughout our test, we were able to come across specimens of the same species, but of different sizes. In the same way, insect Pokémon will now appear very small, while a Balbalèze will logically appear more imposing in tall grass. It’s probably a detail, but this addition once again brings a feeling of a job well done to Nintendo’s new opus. Not to mention Teracrystallization, the new Pokémon Max Attack Phenomenon, which allows pocket monsters to take on new types and a shimmering style in battle.

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