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It turns out that Google’s latest flagship, the Pixel 6, is incompatible with some chargers but also DJI apps.

Since their launch, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones have encountered some snags. After the bugs and other technical problems, it seems today that the smartphone is not compatible with certain things which could be a crippling criterion for some. Indeed, the flagships of Google do not accept all types of chargers, the oldest being clearly in the viewfinder of the brand.

Some users complained on Reddit that their newly acquired smartphone wouldn’t charge when plugged into a third-party or universal charger that was a few years old. In reality, it is not so much the age of your charger that will be taken into account but rather its charging technology. To check if you have a compatible charger, it’s very simple. You just have to check if it uses the Power Delivery PPS technology, only available on the latest chargers for sale.

A pain, especially when you are used to charging all your devices with the same box. In addition, this is a real problem at a time when chargers are doomed to disappear from smartphone boxes in recent years. Besides Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro no longer offer this accessory for the purchase of a smartphone. In order to remedy the situation, you therefore have no choice but to purchase a compatible charger. However, some believe that an update may soon fix this problem, crippling many users.

DJI drone enthusiasts, do not hesitate

There’s another area the Pixel 6 doesn’t excel at, and that is drone flying. Indeed, some users, happy to have a brand new OLED screen, wanted to try their new smartphone with their drone from the Chinese brand DJI, without success. If it manages to pair with the device, the camera’s screen feedback seems to be totally inactive since the screen remains black.

Following this incident, reported by several users to DJI, the drone manufacturer has communicated its complaints to Google and the two parties are now working on a solution. It also seems that this is a problem that would stem from the Google Tensor chip in the Pixel 6, rather than the Android 12 operating system. However, it remains very annoying for those who only have Google’s smartphone. to fly their machine.

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